Men And Boobs

You can move the boobs out of a guy’s face but you can’t make the guy take his eyes off it. Ever heard of it? 

Have you ever wondered why men are so crazy about boobs? What is it with men and boobs anyways? What a question; it is right up there with; what is the meaning of life and why does one shoe fit better than the other.

If you see a straight man who claims he’s not enchanted by boobs, you know a lying man. A very few guys will pass a large-bossomed woman without taking at least a look at the covered boobs and if the boobs aren’t covered well then, the man will be taking a much longer look.

Men stare and fantasize about a woman’s breasts when she’s partying, walking, talking even sleeping sef.

A man told me when he was younger; he noticed the very first place his eyes go to when he sees a beautiful girl is her face, then her boobs. He believed he had a problem and prayed fervently (lol) against this obscene behaviour but as he grew older, he realized it was a norm for men and he was only metamorphosing into a man.

It is too pure and rather indecent to blame evolution. I know all women reading this want to know why men like boobs and what they think when they see a great pair.

Breasts are velvety, round, slick and soft to play with and make good pillows, and they have these wonderful little knobs you can fondle and they feel real nice when you squeeze them.

Men have this magnetic feeling abi gravity for boobs; the force is so much that I can’t comprehend it. I’ve been trying to fathom why men can’t take their eyes off a woman’s cleavage but I’ve not been able to solve the mystery. Men suck breast from birth till they collapse yet e no de do them. If they had the opportunity to suck breasts in their graves, they would.

The question I keep asking myself is wetin dey dis bobi sef, sugar dey am?  Yes, boobs are one of the body hotspots in sex play. Men get turned on when they play with the boobs thus they squeeze them, rub them, and suck them. Women have varying degrees of sensitivity and derive varying degrees of pleasure from getting their nipples/breasts sucked. Some women get really turned on – this is not a wives tale.

A good pair of boobs stimulates a man’s mind and makes him visualize how good the breast might actually look alike. It’s mysterious and men are born explorers and this plays a mind game on him and this gets him into a mini game of 21 questions. How do these boobs really look like? Could she be great in bed? Can I see her nipples through the shirt? Is that a push-up bra? Man, how many inches is that cleavage?

Covered boobs create mystery, mystery creates a game of 21 questions and the man gets the answer in the end. She’s hot. And it ends with an answer. Choiiii! Who dey broda! She would be great in bed.

Please what do you think is the reason for men’s quenchable thirst for boobs?

Corrupt State of Nigeria: We all have benefitted from it

Corruption, as we all know is the destruction, ruining and spoiling of a society or nation. Corruption is an age-old phenomenon. Selfishness and greed are the two main causes. 

A corrupt nation loses its value for integrity, virtue or moral principles. It changes for the worse. Such a society begins to decay and sets itself on the road to destruction.

Corruption has always been the bane of our country’s development and we have seen a steep of upward trend of existing corruption. Nigeria has been engulfed by corruption that we have reached the position of one of the top ten or so of the corrupt countries in the world.

How can we develop when even our parents (elderly) who ought to lead by example are corrupt? At a very tender age, parents inculcate this bad trait in their children. For instance, when I wrote my National Common Entrance exam, so many parents (family friends) bought me with gifts to help their kids with answers. I, being an innocent kid didn’t know I was already employed as a mercenary. Imagine a child having that kind of notion that you can bribe your way to success and that he doesn’t need to read to pass.

Corruption is rampant everywhere, this malady has spread through like the length and breadth of our social fabric metastatically like a malignant cancer.

Corrupt practices have eaten have into our lifestyles to such an extent that we don’t see anything wrong in what we do anymore and that things should be the way they are. We are inclined to justify all the wrongs. 

Corruption has gone viral in our society and we have reached a point of no return; it’s the beginning of the end.

These days we all are well informed of the malpractices that thrive nowadays and we have expressed revulsion, disgust and frowned at the way things are going in the country but I’ve always maintained, we all have gained and profited from corruption in one way or the other. After all, my Igbo people say “Na Obodo adigi mma bu uru ndi nze” meaning the crisis state of a society/nation is to the merit and benefit of the rich and mighty. If you say you have not benefitted from corruption, you are only playing the game of deceit with your head.

One way or the other, I don’t think there’s any man out there that will say he has been fair all his life and never broken any rule/law.

Let’s play a game of 21 questions; have you ever sorted to pass an exam? Have you ever asked someone to write attendance for you in school or at your workplace in your absence? Did you write your jamb in a special centre? Did you have to pay a concessional fee to get admission into secondary or tertiary institution? Have you ever rogered the police? Have you ever given bribe to wriggle your way out of a difficult situation? Have you ever been given preferential treatment in a bank or any other place? Have you ever bribed anybody to get a job even though you are the least qualified? Have you ever smoked weed? Did you drink before you were 21? Have you ever driven a car under the influence of alcohol? Have you ever indulged in child trafficking? Have you ever abused a child either physically or sexually? Did you have sex before you were 18? Have you ever slept with an underage girl or guy? Have you as a priest not stood your ground against corruption publicly? Have you ever killed a family member just to make money? Have you ever indulged in rituals for political reasons or because of mere jealousy? Have you even been part of a cyber crime? Have you ever embezzled public fund?  Have you ever kidnapped anybody or acted as an informant for kidnappers/robbers? Have you ever run a traffic red light before?

If you are guilty of any of these crimes, your guess is as good as mine, you are corrupt.

NYSC And The Enclosure Syndrome

You could always feel people’s (intending corps members) excitement, joy and expectation whenever it’s that time of the year for the NYSC Orientation Camp. People are always impatiently anxious and ready to get on with the programme.

I must admit I’m not a fan of the programme. I see it as a charade. I mean the main aim of the scheme is to promote national unity among Nigerian youths, develop the rural areas and prepare the nouveau graduate for the challenges ahead.

Yes, it does promote national unity but I believe it has contributed to the growing unemployment problem we are facing. These institutions and organizations see corps members as cheap labour and prefer employing them every year and discard them at the end of their one year programme, to employing capable hands on a permanent basis.

Let me ask these questions: Are we only allowed to serve Nigeria for a year after which we can do whatever we like? How many times have you seen a child of a top government official or member of the ruling class sent on assignment to any of the rural areas?

Anyways, let’s leave that topic for another day and concentrate on the topic at hand.

The Enclosure Syndrome, according to Zinga’s theory, is a condition that develops when adults are enclosed or confined in a place, which makes them foster transient feelings for each other to the extent of believing they have found love.

The enclosure syndrome is synonymous with the NYSC Camp. Just a week or two after the opening of the camp, you’d see people holding hands, frolicking, kissing, cuddling and doing things that lovers do.

If you have served or still serving, you will testify that it is difficult or almost impossible for one not to develop false feelings for the opposite sex in a place like that.

The saying ‘nobody wants to be lonely’ greatly applies here. The quest for companionship, sex and love is very high under these conditions. That’s why year in, year out; you hear stories of people falling heads over heels for each other in camp only to separate immediately or few weeks after the closure of the camp.

This condition is transmittable and contagious just like the common cold/flu. The married women/men aren’t immune to this syndrome either; they catch up with the bug. 

As a matter of fact, a married lady was recently caught pants down with a fellow corps member and was sent packing, along with her fellow culprit after the NYSC officials had informed the husband about her misdemeanour.  

Have you ever been diagnosed with this malady? Or are you still suffering from this condition?

This syndrome is only treatable and curable by distance; out of sight is definitely out of mind.