Women Are Naturally Selfish

Recently, I was termed a masculinist by a female friend because I told her women are naturally selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, i respect women very much and i would never put women down, however i belong to the school of thought that believes women are selfish creatures.

There are so many reasons why I think women are selfish and if I am allowed, I could go on till I collapse. I know some women reading this are already infuriated but here are some of these reasons.

Several acts depict the selfishness of a woman. A woman would die for HER man, HER children, HER everything, but not when it comes to anybody else, i fear the same does not apply.

Mothers go crazy about their kids because its natural, mothers are naturally crazy about their babies, just like how a hen protects its chicks. This they can’t help, they are designed to sacrifice for their babies but you might not notice this on a very hot, sexy, successful lady…why? Selfishness. They are too bothered to feed their need to look attractive and pursue happiness in their careers so they hardly think about giving birth or breastfeeding or taking care of their babies.

Also you would notice how moms tend to have affinity for their male children because of selfishness. Their mind is thinking about security, a son would be able to provide/protect better then a daughter. Women want comfort in life.

Women frown at their male friends’ relationships and would want them to remain single for years to ensure she has his full attention when she needs it because they know the moment he gets a girl of his own, the attention will be divided or annulled.

Women can’t be friends with an opposite sex if they aren’t gaining anything in return. Mind you, what she gains mustn’t be monetary.

Women are quick to make a guy who really likes/loves her an errand boy/driver/mugu. They rarely care about the man’s feelings if they don’t feel the same way. Once a girl ‘knows’ you like/love her more than she does, you are in big trouble. She MUST capitalise on that and drain your psyche.

Women only hang out with men they have been turning down their offer for a date because of boredom. When a girl is bored, disturbed and has no one else to run to..then she remembers you, the MUGU!

Women according to survey are less likely to return a favour. Girls hardly remember the things you do/did for them.

Women always expect gifts during their birthdays and other anniversaries from male friends who aren’t their boyfriends. That’s why they advertise their birthdays in advance to make sure you have no excuse to give for not buying them gifts but when its time to reciprocate, she blanks him or buys him just a card. They can only go out of their way to buy things for people they are dating or want to date.

Most women decide what to cook without considering her partner because that’s what she craves at the moment.

Women even get selfish and annoyed when a guy they claim not to like starts wooing any of her friends or sees him with another girl in public.

Some women are selfish in bed, they just lay down there like a log of wood and expect the man to function like a man who’s on crack. No wonder most men take energy drinks before sexual aerobic exercises to ensure he doesn’t fall his hand or disappoint.

Like I aforementioned, I could go on and on but I have to stop here.

33 Replies to “Women Are Naturally Selfish”

  1. On point as usual Bro;forgive my language! Its a dad Orientation our “Ladies” peddle about these days! She is free to take her “Chiker’s Call in your presence but you dare not take a another Ladies Call in her presence without facing a barage of questions!!!


  2. Well, this is a totally sad and unfair analysis of women. I’ve known a lot of women willing to give up a lot for ME. Maybe women are so mono-minded, they only always return what you give to them.
    Did you notice fathers are often more doting and attuned towards their girls? What do we men hope to achieve when we do that???

    And that international symbol of marriage is just crazy! LOL!!! Na me go prostrate like that?


  3. That is their way,Nze may Ɣ☺ΰя days be long.ladys like being treated as Queen though they are, but we guys demand little in return yet we don’t get it but what can i say;that’s what makes them special cos they form the centre of our attention.


  4. Yes I agree ladies are selfish!! U̶̲̥̅̊ “chyke” them, they say no and yet they throw a tantrum when they see U̶̲̥̅̊ rolling with a friend of theirs. They notice U̶̲̥̅̊ love them, they friend zone U̶̲̥̅̊ and turn U̶̲̥̅̊ into their “mugu”. U̶̲̥̅̊ date them, they answer calls frm numerous “chykers”, accept gifts frm them and generally enjoy their attention!! Buh if U̶̲̥̅̊ try to as much as to reply a ping frm a female she doesn’t know, U̶̲̥̅̊ will b spending d nxt 1hour explaining urself! Even with all these, I just can’t live I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ a world without pretty sexy ladies with d rite curves at the rite places!!!!


  5. 9ce assessment! Well different strokes for different folks. Generally I believe humans r selfish. It may be an inherent trait for survival! Jus saying. ***


  6. I hate this!!!how on earth can u analyse women like this,do u know u jos sounded like a sexist.Jes….who on earth sells fish(selfish) more in d market?WOMEN,we agree we sell fish more,bt all dat is to make gud tidings 4 u guys.But wait,we sacrifice more 4 ur guys in Sex,food,hospitality and other wise.plz u need 2 write on guys,they ve’ got shit 2 up their ass 2.


    1. As I get older, I find it harder every day to keep my neutrality between men and women. Men are not exactly angels but they are always true to themselves. Women don’t sem to know what they want and indeed use people and give little if anything back. I was educated by my mom, aunt and gma, grew up playing with female cousins and female neighbors, a ‘women’s man’ as a grow up and I completely agree with this post, hands down.


    2. Is that English? ‘Cause I could barely understand what you said but… you say you women sacrifice sex, food and hospitality for us? How so?!
      – Food because you want to llok slim to like us men… or just because you like the attention?
      – Sex?! Gosh, sex is a mutual thing, not for women to prize it as their utmost treasure. A loving and healthy relationship enjoys the sex together, not sacrifice it. such a twisted way to think of sexuality.
      – Hospitality?!!! Now, there I am absolutely clueless on what you are talking about.

      P.S.: The post below duplicated, my apologies.


  7. Umunwanyi di selfish shaa_ jandon, ina ekogodim here wif ur last sentence…

    Biko wot mirex needs to say is that, if you’ve never been wif a selfish lady, then you’ve not been with a real woman.

    Ari, how do iPut smileys here?


  8. Eziokwu di n ihe ikwuru nwanne… Girls r selfish.. Even wen they give it is not actually from there heart.. But we just hv to accept dem d way they r..


  9. Here are my thoughts, if you do something that would be considered laudable and expect something back, then that wasn’t from your heart. All women as well as men have their own right to return the favor or not, they don’t have to. However the role of the man is traditionally provide and protect for the women while the woman traditionally supports and cares for them. I do things put of the kindness of my heart, yes I would like something in return (as we all probably would) but I don’t expect anything back. You can be the ideal man but they just won’t recognise you until you clear any doubts that you’re not out of their minds. As a guy with my own deal of women (which my family is filled with) I use to think this way too, but I realised that what they really want is for you to be yourself, a relationship can never work if there’s no complete honesty or trust in it. If you were honest and true to your word, but the result is the same them just don’t hang around with THAT particular woman, remember not all women are the same, there ate just as many bad women as there are good women. Same way around for guys. I’m a nice guy, your typical ideal man personality wise. I’m not ugly (not trying to be narcicisst) but there women I just don’t attract. I would more of a passionate husband than a intimidating husband, and I am a romantic, not a bad guy. In my neighborhood are the men women always fall for and get their hearts torn apart. Then they want to say ALL men are pigs when they ignore the one good guy. I suggest you learn patience and how to deal with a woman respectively when she has a FREAK OUT moment. Tip; No woman wants a pushover boyfriend, or a servent, the want simply a MAN. So hopefully this will answer your question.


  10. Even after this post,women’s responses are still selfish.Women always say things like this about guys (feminism) and when guys do the same they act like were “Sexist”,even though the very fact that women said that makes them sexist.Even some guys who are sexually biased and sexist will also tend to laugh at these kinds of things and act like it’s not okay for guys to be fair.So,yes definitely most men are feminized and illogical just like women too.Women always try to point out a mans flaws and when a man points out the more flaws a woman has,she tries to say we are rude.That is why most women are evil and deceptive.No us men should not accept women for naturally being corrupt.We should not even respect them for their flaws,Just like they do to us.We should see women as sex objects.No,women are not selfish,unfair,manipulative creatures for survival.There is a difference from survival and just being selfish in general.Yeah of course some men are selfish too.Just like some women ask guys out on dates.But the fact is,women hold the title for being the most selfish people.Also,the point of feminism is to help some of the things women may have unfair,but men have so many unfair things to deal with women like this.Feminism is mostly about rape,not about having the right to be selfish and trying to point out a mans flaws before their own while expecting us not to do the same back.


  11. As I get older, I find it harder every day to keep my neutrality between men and women. Men are not exactly angels but they are always true to themselves. Women don’t sem to know what they want and indeed use people and give little if anything back. I was educated by my mom, aunt and gma, grew up playing with female cousins and female neighbors, a ‘women’s man’ as a grow up and I completely agree with this post, hands down.


  12. Well so many women are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and very money hungry these days. And many of them do really think that their God’s gift to men which their Not.


  13. Well now that there are so many Career women nowadays which Most of them i would say are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry too which really speaks for itself why there are many of us Good men that are still Single now since these women do want the Best and will Never settle for Less.

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  14. Im Sorry for the kids yes but not for the husband,husband could die for her wife. When he goes out to protect her wife,fearless,his wife wouldnt do the same. And with infidelity she cant forgive,he didnt trust.


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  16. This is entirely incorrect. The entire basis of your argument, by generalizing women to be people who are inferior to men in any way, whether it be dependence, selfishness, unhappiness or anything else, is fundamentally sexist. Sexism describes prejudice and stereotyping another sex, such a the female sex, and that is exactly what you are doing. You, and all those who agree with you, whether you realize this or not, are sexist. I am not from Nigeria, or even Africa, so I am sure that our cultures have conflicting ideas, but I come from one where there is a social-cultural movement to show the world that there is nothing evil about women and they can be just as successful as men. I hope that some of you attempt reconsider your beliefs because maintaining ideas based off of hate for women will only lead you to an unhappy life.


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