Why do ‘bad’ girls find it easier to get married? Does it mean men prefer the bad ones to the good ones?

Runs/Ashawo Biz: Is It Worth It?

Ashawo and Runs girl business are the order of the day in Nigeria. 1 in 10 young ladies is either an ashawo or a runs girl. The difference between Ashawo and Runs girl isn’t much if there’s any difference sef.

A prostitute (Ashawo) is a girl who offers sexual intercourse indiscriminately especially for money while a Runs Girl is any girl who is paid for the sexual activities she renders. I know both definitions mean the same thing because to me, I don’t think there’s any difference.

Yes! People will point out to the fact that prostitutes stand on the roadside and hawk their bodies to interested customers and allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to have a taste of their diced pineapples once they reach an ultimatum – the price of course while the runs girls are connected with the well-to-do, buoyant and rich single and married men who are sex starved and supply them with mind-blowing sex but at the end of the day, all of them are sex hawkers. Urban Dictionary defined a prostitute as one who will perform sexual acts if payment can be arranged. Let’s just say, the Ashawos are ‘petty’ while the Runs Girls are the ‘Dangotes’ of the business.

I can’t really wrap my head round why some girls I’ve met are into ashawo and runs girl business. I mean these girls are from decent and comfortable homes, their parents provide them with almost everything they need.

Most people always point out to lack of money or death of a parent(s) as the reason why they venture into this line of business, I can’t judge them because I’ve never been in their shoes.

My tirade is against those from average homes, who are far from contented with what they have. They are so desperate for material things and are ready to do anything to make sure they smile to the bank daily, weekly or monthly.

Most of these ‘tramps’ also have boyfriends and expect fidelity from their previous partners. I was out one night on the streets of Ikeja, Lagos where a lot of young fine ladies strut their stuff. Most of them had Blackberry phones, snapping and updating their status and I thought to my self, some guys are out there boasting to their friends how awesome their girlfriends are, without knowing they are hoes.

Someone told me that people move into the business because the pressure among peers to ‘belong’ is high. I guess he is right, when some girls see their peers driving cars and owning expensive gadgets, they become intimidated and try to usurp their peers.

But for what it is worth, all these things are vanity!


Assuming you are married with kids and photos of your wife having sex with another man are circulated on the internet. How would you feel? And would you forgive her for infidelity?