Men And Boobs

You can move the boobs out of a guy’s face but you can’t make the guy take his eyes off it. Ever heard of it? 

Have you ever wondered why men are so crazy about boobs? What is it with men and boobs anyways? What a question; it is right up there with; what is the meaning of life and why does one shoe fit better than the other.

If you see a straight man who claims he’s not enchanted by boobs, you know a lying man. A very few guys will pass a large-bossomed woman without taking at least a look at the covered boobs and if the boobs aren’t covered well then, the man will be taking a much longer look.

Men stare and fantasize about a woman’s breasts when she’s partying, walking, talking even sleeping sef.

A man told me when he was younger; he noticed the very first place his eyes go to when he sees a beautiful girl is her face, then her boobs. He believed he had a problem and prayed fervently (lol) against this obscene behaviour but as he grew older, he realized it was a norm for men and he was only metamorphosing into a man.

It is too pure and rather indecent to blame evolution. I know all women reading this want to know why men like boobs and what they think when they see a great pair.

Breasts are velvety, round, slick and soft to play with and make good pillows, and they have these wonderful little knobs you can fondle and they feel real nice when you squeeze them.

Men have this magnetic feeling abi gravity for boobs; the force is so much that I can’t comprehend it. I’ve been trying to fathom why men can’t take their eyes off a woman’s cleavage but I’ve not been able to solve the mystery. Men suck breast from birth till they collapse yet e no de do them. If they had the opportunity to suck breasts in their graves, they would.

The question I keep asking myself is wetin dey dis bobi sef, sugar dey am?  Yes, boobs are one of the body hotspots in sex play. Men get turned on when they play with the boobs thus they squeeze them, rub them, and suck them. Women have varying degrees of sensitivity and derive varying degrees of pleasure from getting their nipples/breasts sucked. Some women get really turned on – this is not a wives tale.

A good pair of boobs stimulates a man’s mind and makes him visualize how good the breast might actually look alike. It’s mysterious and men are born explorers and this plays a mind game on him and this gets him into a mini game of 21 questions. How do these boobs really look like? Could she be great in bed? Can I see her nipples through the shirt? Is that a push-up bra? Man, how many inches is that cleavage?

Covered boobs create mystery, mystery creates a game of 21 questions and the man gets the answer in the end. She’s hot. And it ends with an answer. Choiiii! Who dey broda! She would be great in bed.

Please what do you think is the reason for men’s quenchable thirst for boobs?

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