Did You Know?

Ryan Giggs was born Ryan Joseph Wilson but adopted the mother’s maiden name (Lynne Giggs) after she split from his father. He’s also mixed race, the paternal father is from Sierra Leone.

Chilean Ivan Zamarano is the only player who has ever won a symbol at the back of his jersey, he wore 1+8 during his time at FC Internazionale of Italy

Most Nigerians can’t recite the National Anthem correctly

The voice behind Maybach Music is Jessica Gomes, an Australian model. One day she was in the studio watching Rick Ross and Jay-Z when she asked to drop a line. The rest they say is history

The word ‘Sunday’ is not in the Bible 

We always talk about haters but we are haters ourselves

Talib Kweli, one of the best lyricists of all time was raised in New york City by two professors and has a bachelor’s degree in Experimental Theater

Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Ice Cube, Rah Digga and Common are also graduates with honours in psychology, Mass Communication, Architectural Design, Electrical Engineering and Business Administration respectively. 

Carrie Underwood, John Legend, Chris Martin, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Eva Longoria, Lisa Kudrow and Mia Hamm have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, English, Ancient History, Geography, General Studies, Kinesiology, Psychology and Political Science respectively

Donald Sutherland, popularly known for his role as Tripp Darling the rich mogul in the hit series Dirty Sexy Money is an engineer and the father of 24 Star, Kiefer Sutherland alias Jack Bauer

Ludacris, the famous rapper has a bachelor’s degree, with honours in Business from Georgia State University

Samuel Eto’o Fils is the world’s second highest earning athlete (just behind Tiger Woods) and the highest paid footballer in the world excluding off field earnings.

Samuel Eto’o Fils is the most decorated African footballer. He has Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, African Nations Cup, Spanish Cup, Spanish Super Cup, Italian Super Cup, Italian Cup, World Club Championship, Olympics winner’s medals to his name. He launched a new telecommunications network (Eto’o Telecom) at the last edition of the African Cup of Nations.

In 1978, FIFA decided the final round of group matches would be played simultaneously in subsequent World Cups after a match fixing controversy rocked the World Cup. Brazil and Argentina were in the same group and locked on the same points. Brazil had won their game a day earlier before Argentina took on a Peruvian team that had an Argentine-born keeper in goal, who went on to concede six times thus aiding Argentina to the Semi-Finals. The Argentine team led by Mario Kempes went on to lift the World Cup on home soil.

You don’t like when you open a bag of chips and its only 30% full? That’s how guys feel about push up bras

 Only 16 Africans have lifted Europe’s Club premier competition (UEFA Champions League) and they are as follows:

1.     Abedi Pele – Ghana and Marseille 1993

2.      Finidi George – Nigeria and Ajax 1995

3.      Kanu Nwankwo – Nigeria and Ajax 1995

4.     Geremi Njitap – Cameroon and Real Madrid 2000

5.      Samuel Osei Kuffour – Ghana and Bayern Munchen 2001

6.     Benni McCarthy – South Africa and FC Porto 2004

7.      Djimi Traore – Mali and Liverpool 2005

8.     Samuel Eto’o – Cameroon and FC Barcelona (2006,2009); FC Internazionale (2010)

9.      Yaya Toure – Ivory Coast and FC Barcelona  2009

10.     Seydou Keita – Mali and FC Barcelona (2009, 2011)

11.     Sulley Muntari – Ghana and FC Intenazionale 2010

12.    MacDonald Mariga – Kenya and FC Internazionale 2010

13.    Didier Drogba – Ivory Coast and Chelsea 2012

14.   Mikel Obi John – Nigeria and Chelsea 2012

15.    Salomon Kalou – Ivory Coast and Chelsea 2012

16.   Michael Essien – Ghana and Chelsea 2012

 If you want a wife, don’t pick her on a Sunday

 Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned actor and former governor of California is actually Austrian and has a stadium named in his honour in Graz, Austria (Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium, Graz)

 No one can make you inferior without your consent

 There’s a Brazilian footballer by name, KANU. He plays for Anderlecht FC in Belgium. He changed his name to Kanu because of his love for the ex-Nigerian international.




Did You Know?

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc was ousted from his job after falling out with the board of directors in 1985 by the then C.E.O of Apple Inc. He left and founded another company NeXT in 1985. On December 16 1996, Apple Computers acquired NeXT. He returned to Apple as a consultant in 1997 and was made C.E.O in 2000, the post he held until he lost the battle to pancreatic cancer.

The document of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria by the British led by Sir Lord Lugard in 1914 will be legally null and void in 2014 and Nigeria could disintegrate into different countries.

There are more football clubs in the capital city of London than any other Capital in the world. The city boasts of clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, Charlton Athletic, West Ham United…to mention but a few.

Necrophilia is termed the act of having sex with dead people.

You can’t tickle yourself. The cerebellum warns the rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself and ignores the sensation.

In Mexico, the ruling party candidate is trying to use sex to canvass for votes in a bid to rescue her fading chances in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election.

Didier Drogba is the fourth highest goalscorer in Chelsea’s history and has a cousin Olivier Tebily, who played in the English Premier League with Birmingham City between 2002 and 2006.

Didier Drogba is an accountant who opted to play football professionally (he signed his professional contract for Le Mans at 21), he also helped stop the civil war that threatened his people back in Ivory Coast recently. This feat made Time Magazine to name him in the list of TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD along with Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Jeremy Lin, Rihanna, Barack Obama, Chelsea Handler, and the rest.

Javier Hernandez was studying for a degree in Business Administration before he joined Manchester United.

Andrei Arshavin was a great Chess player at an early age of 7 and would have gone on to be a Chess Grand Master.

David Beckham, Theo Walcott and Mark Schwarzer have all put their names to children’s literature in the past.

The Romans invaded England in 43 AD, establishing Londinium, which became London, but had Colchester as the capital of England. London became the capital in 100 AD.

August has the highest percentage of births.

Ralph Lauren’s original name is Ralph Lifshitz.

Dreamt is the only word that ends with ‘mt.

The first letters of the months July through to December spell JASON.

Money is number one thing couples argue about.

When travelling by plane, if you leave Tokyo at 7am, you will arrive at Honolulu at 7:45pm of the previous date.

Bob Marley had three children born to three different women in one month.

The act of yawning and stretching simultaneously is called ‘PANDICULATION’

The best selling DVD of all time is Finding Nemo.

Emma Stone’s (Hollywood actress) low pitched husky voice is as a result of having baby colic, a condition of constant screaming as an infant.

A Russian woman has the strongest vagina in the world. She can lift almost 31 pounds of weight with it.

The creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, is autistic.

A guy filled a law suit against Satan. He said Satan threatens him and was responsible for his misery.

Over 90% of people use music as a tool to escape problems in their lives.

It is impossible to sneeze in your sleep.

Jackie Chan has a son that looks just like him.

You need to be shorter than 6’3” to get a job as an astronaut.

Women who take birth control pills blink 32% more than women who don’t. The cause is unknown.

Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Porter films was caught trying to steal his wand from the set.

Albert Einstein refused surgery to save his life.

The first couple to be shown on TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Luis Nani and Henrik Larson are of African (Cape Verde) descent but they represent Portugal and Sweden respectively.

The tango originated as a dance between two men.

Women are just as obsessed with women’s breasts as men are.

69% of people can find something sexual in every sentence.

Ross Barkley, the rookie who plays for Everton FC in England and Sidney Sam, who plays for Bayer Leverkusen in Germany are eligible to represent Nigeria. 

Women Lie, Men Lie

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart. Men lie to women: women lie to men and most people think lying is necessary to avoid petty arguments and grease the wheels of a relationship.

The main victims of our deception are those close to us, with both men and women most likely to lie to each other.  We may think we are sparing them from the truth but most of the lies are actually about self defence or trying to change the way people think about us.

It is a basic condition of human nature that everybody lies. The only variation is what we gain in strength, courage and confidence about each experience.

Raise your hand if you have ever said something along the line of “Nothing is wrong, I’m fine” and not meant a word of it. Do we all have our hands raised? I thought as much.

Research has shown that men lie 650times a year and women, 537 times. The truth is that we all lie about the same frequency but for different reasons.

Men lie to make themselves look better in the eyes of others while women tend to spare feelings and make other people look better. Some men lie to make themselves seem more impressive when approaching women. They see the dating game as a competition and think they have to out-do their rivals. So they self-aggrandize.

Some men go on and lie about wanting a long intimate relationship. They assume women want this, and only by hinting at a relationship, their desire for love, sex and companionship is achieved. They tend to find themselves trapped in a relationship they didn’t want pretending to be someone they are not. So they lie to get space from the partner or they lie and cheat on their partner; and finally, they lie to escape.

Women on the other hand are likely to be more economical when they meet a new man, they lie to under report the number of sexual partners they have had, lie about their age to appear younger or older and also lie to their friends about how rosy their relationship is.

Parents aren’t left out in this game of deceit. They lie to their children especially when it comes to the topic of education. I’m yet to see a parent who wasn’t the best student in his/her class, they all claim to be Albert Einstein in their days. If everybody dey come first, who come dey take from second to the last positions for the kind class?

In the end, I believe we all lie but the lies are told because of ego; to save face when we feel interrogated by friends and family.


Experience, they say, is the best teacher. The things we go through everyday influence the way we think and behave.

Sometimes, what you read or hear about people’s experiences isn’t enough; you need to have a first hand experience to grasp what the thing is all about.

That is why I don’t believe in success books, relationship books, motivational books and others. I see them as a bunch of hokum. I know some of you are already nodding or shaking your head in agreement or disagreement as the case may be.

Let me use the relationship (marriage) books for instance, these writers paint a picture based on the experiences they have had; a wise man once told me, you can’t write a book on marriage because our experiences differ and I couldn’t agree more.

Some people who write about the success of their relationships, are actually unhappy but paint a Cinderella picture to his or her readers who end up believing every relationship is like that. The fact remains that no relationship is guaranteed a smooth road and people must fight in a relationship. These fights are actually “the rate-limiting steps” that either strengthen the bond between friends/lovers or make them enemies for the rest of their lives.

However, our experiences can leave an indelible imprint in our head/mind, thus changing our perception about things and life in general. That’s why we do forgive but rarely forget. Our day-to-day experiences shape us and we try to re-adjust to ensure such scenario does or doesn’t repeat itself depending on how it tasted.

Let me use this illustration: certain anti-malarial drugs have been used in treatment and prevention of malaria but the plasmodium (causative organism of malaria) has been found to have developed a resistance to several anti-malarial drugs such as chloroquine, once the parasite gets used to the administered drug, it blocks and neutralizes the effect of the drug. The same applies to our day-to-day activities, a bad experience makes us hard-bitten and aids us create a resistance to hard things life throw at us.

That player or runs girl out there wasn’t always that way, he or she she has been a victim of betrayal of trust and heartbreak. Alas! They make up their minds never to fall in love again, breaking other innocent people’s hearts in the process and the cycle continues.

A friend of mine once told me how his friend took advantage of his nice nature and betrayed him. He had given the friend some money to help him purchase a car; only for the friend to abscond with the money.

Another man told me how he helped his family members and the only way they could repay him was to accuse him falsely to the point that he was ostracized by his village community. The man made a statement I’d never forget. He said “HELP IS A SIN”.

To these two aforementioned people, experience taught them a bitter lesson they would never forget, their perceptions about trust and help have also changed and nothing can be done or said to make them feel otherwise.

In the end, experiences are very important but can make us the finest or the worst of men.

The Mind of A Teenage Dirtbag

My secondary school years have to the best years of my life on earth. Those years were memorable; the experiences I had, the educational and social activities I engaged in, helped in shaping and transforming me into the man I am today.

I enjoyed the best of both worlds: my grades were good and I had a pretty good relationship with a lot of people.

Recently, I ran into an old friend who said something that inspired this write up, he said he can’t wait to see the people who saw him as a loser/nobody, to see what he’s become today.

Have you noticed that some people still have no love lost for the people who offended them back in secondary school?

I will never understand what they passed through back then that made them loathe these people for whatever reason. I tried persuading him to let go of those childhood memories but all I said fell on deaf ears. I believe those things happened a long time ago before we became adults, some have forgotten they bullied, looked down and made fun of you.

A friend told me its easy for me to say because I wasn’t a prey back in the day. The truth is that I was little and people mocked me because of my height but it still didn’t make me think less of myself.

The victims have a hidden agenda against these predators/truants and are bent on teaching them a lesson or two later in life. These memories they are holding onto, are the main reason why they are proud, arrogant, egocentric, braggarts, have low self esteem and ready to do anything to be noticed.

I implore people to let bygones be bygones and get on with their lives. We all did and said a lot of things out of youthful exuberance that shouldn’t be used to judge us today.