Harpaxophiliac: Someone who gets sexually aroused from the thoughts of being robbed.

Mind-blowing sex can actually erase a woman’s memory temporarily! The medical term for this is transient global amnesia.

Research has shown that the even when a human is asleep, the human mind is capable of sensing that someone is staring at them!

‘Mental pain’ is actually increased by pretending as if you are okay when you are not!

P. Diddy was sued for $1 trillion by a woman named “Valerie Turks”, also his ex, who claimed that he caused 9/11.

Specifically for the Nazis, Coca Cola decided to make a fruit-flavored soda when there was a shortage of syrup, and invented Fanta!

If you curse, people will remember what you say more, as swearing directly affect the emotions of the listener more than normal words!

Masturbation, in Victorian era was considered harmful and to stop it a metal ring was put around the penis so if it erects spikes protrude.

The primary function of sleep in humans is to save the important info in permanent memory and delete all the unimportant junk from the mind.

An American pornographic actress, Lisa Sparxxx, holds the world record for having sex with the most guys ( 919) in a single day!

A psychological study confirms that the presence of beautiful women ignite stupid behavior in men.

A study showed that the more intelligent a person is the more chances of him/her using drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. 90% of all people who use illegal drugs have an above average IQ level.

Studies have shown that if you over think you tend to end up creating problems for yourself which weren’t there in the first place.

In 2012, 3 men took bullets while protecting their girlfriends during a shooting spree in a theater in Colorado showing the Batman movie.

Repeatedly hearing a lie actually makes us believe on it. This is called “Illusion of Truth” and it effects 100% of all humans.

“Truth Wizards” are people who have the natural ability to detect if a person’s lying or not.

Sexually frustrated people are considered more likely to rip and tear the labels off of soft drink and beer bottles.

By memorizing the lyrics of songs, you can reduce the risk of developing psychological disorders and increase memory capacity.

Beer is actually more nutritious than wine and it also keeps your arteries free of blockages.

Eccedentesiast is someone who fakes a smile.

Psephology is a branch of political science which deals with the study and scientific analysis of elections. It uses historical precinct voting data, public opinion polls, campaign finance information and similar statistical data.

To keep girls from having sex, the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairytale was written, using the ‘big bad wolf’ as a metaphor for a penis!

The white skin originated only 6000 thousand years ago, prior to which all humans were black.

You’re allowed to bring a personal parachute to a commercial airline but are not allowed to wear it.

The managers of the porn star, Sunny Lane are her parents and they claim that they are very proud of her career.

Women orgasm much faster if their clitoris is closer to their vagina. This was a discovery made by Napoleon Bonaparte’s great-grandniece.

It has been found that out of the 71 certified supercentenarian ( humans above 110 years of age) alive, 66 are females and only 5 are males.

An association for blind golfers is present and its motto is “You don’t have to see it… to tee it”.

The chances of you making someone laugh increase when the other person (who you want to laugh) is more attracted to you!

Lieserl Einstein was the name of the Einstein’s daughter, of whom, after first year of her birth, no one knows what happened.

The most successful porn star of all time Jenna Jameson initially worked at Disneyland.

A guy named Ioannis Ikonomou, was able to speak 32 languages fluently.

The United States had planned to use the drug Marijuana in chemical weapons to induce psychic behaviour among enemies.

If the Chernobyl disaster happened again the effects would be 10 times worse than Hiroshima’s and would finish half of Europe.

34 year-old American Statistician Nate Silver is a genius. He correctly predicted the winner of all 50 states. He got 49 in 2008.

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