Why do ‘bad’ girls find it easier to get married? Does it mean men prefer the bad ones to the good ones?

5 Replies to “BROVAS’ CORNER”

  1. We see the bad ones more at our regular spots *shrugs*….beer parlors, weddings, erm…..what have we? The good ones hide….later dey complain.


  2. I feel its because the bad ones are more easier to get than the good ones. These days guys are just not comfortable wit the long stress of getting the good ones but not that they don’t want them. Just feel its because they are more easier


  3. The bad ones have been in de game since so dy knw dia way around and wt to do lure guys…. De so called gud gals will be dia listing all de qualities dy want in dia man nt knowing dt God hasn’t created dt kind of man


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