Assuming you are married with kids and photos of your wife having sex with another man are circulated on the internet. How would you feel? And would you forgive her for infidelity?

9 Replies to “BROVAS’ CORNER”

  1. I will not forgive her if she did it after we are married and had kids but if she did it before the marriage and never told me about it and the pics were leaked I will surely forgive and move on like it never happened


  2. Hell no!!… Never!!. Not when we are married.. But if it was before our marriage, I will try to forgive her.. But once a glass is broken, no matter how hard u try to mend it, it wld never be the same….


  3. Marryin a gud gal is shiiii!A gud gal influenced wud do d xact same fin so dat has nuffin t do wit nyfin.If she cheated nd told u about it den d pictures were leakd aftawards,I’d suggest u 4give her.Yh it must b reali hard buh consider d fact dat she already admited t infidelity.It’ll b hard buh try nd endure it.Nt err relationship is rainbows nd roses afta all.


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