Women Are Naturally Selfish

Recently, I was termed a masculinist by a female friend because I told her women are naturally selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, i respect women very much and i would never put women down, however i belong to the school of thought that believes women are selfish creatures.

There are so many reasons why I think women are selfish and if I am allowed, I could go on till I collapse. I know some women reading this are already infuriated but here are some of these reasons.

Several acts depict the selfishness of a woman. A woman would die for HER man, HER children, HER everything, but not when it comes to anybody else, i fear the same does not apply.

Mothers go crazy about their kids because its natural, mothers are naturally crazy about their babies, just like how a hen protects its chicks. This they can’t help, they are designed to sacrifice for their babies but you might not notice this on a very hot, sexy, successful lady…why? Selfishness. They are too bothered to feed their need to look attractive and pursue happiness in their careers so they hardly think about giving birth or breastfeeding or taking care of their babies.

Also you would notice how moms tend to have affinity for their male children because of selfishness. Their mind is thinking about security, a son would be able to provide/protect better then a daughter. Women want comfort in life.

Women frown at their male friends’ relationships and would want them to remain single for years to ensure she has his full attention when she needs it because they know the moment he gets a girl of his own, the attention will be divided or annulled.

Women can’t be friends with an opposite sex if they aren’t gaining anything in return. Mind you, what she gains mustn’t be monetary.

Women are quick to make a guy who really likes/loves her an errand boy/driver/mugu. They rarely care about the man’s feelings if they don’t feel the same way. Once a girl ‘knows’ you like/love her more than she does, you are in big trouble. She MUST capitalise on that and drain your psyche.

Women only hang out with men they have been turning down their offer for a date because of boredom. When a girl is bored, disturbed and has no one else to run to..then she remembers you, the MUGU!

Women according to survey are less likely to return a favour. Girls hardly remember the things you do/did for them.

Women always expect gifts during their birthdays and other anniversaries from male friends who aren’t their boyfriends. That’s why they advertise their birthdays in advance to make sure you have no excuse to give for not buying them gifts but when its time to reciprocate, she blanks him or buys him just a card. They can only go out of their way to buy things for people they are dating or want to date.

Most women decide what to cook without considering her partner because that’s what she craves at the moment.

Women even get selfish and annoyed when a guy they claim not to like starts wooing any of her friends or sees him with another girl in public.

Some women are selfish in bed, they just lay down there like a log of wood and expect the man to function like a man who’s on crack. No wonder most men take energy drinks before sexual aerobic exercises to ensure he doesn’t fall his hand or disappoint.

Like I aforementioned, I could go on and on but I have to stop here.

Corrupt State of Nigeria: We all have benefitted from it

Corruption, as we all know is the destruction, ruining and spoiling of a society or nation. Corruption is an age-old phenomenon. Selfishness and greed are the two main causes. 

A corrupt nation loses its value for integrity, virtue or moral principles. It changes for the worse. Such a society begins to decay and sets itself on the road to destruction.

Corruption has always been the bane of our country’s development and we have seen a steep of upward trend of existing corruption. Nigeria has been engulfed by corruption that we have reached the position of one of the top ten or so of the corrupt countries in the world.

How can we develop when even our parents (elderly) who ought to lead by example are corrupt? At a very tender age, parents inculcate this bad trait in their children. For instance, when I wrote my National Common Entrance exam, so many parents (family friends) bought me with gifts to help their kids with answers. I, being an innocent kid didn’t know I was already employed as a mercenary. Imagine a child having that kind of notion that you can bribe your way to success and that he doesn’t need to read to pass.

Corruption is rampant everywhere, this malady has spread through like the length and breadth of our social fabric metastatically like a malignant cancer.

Corrupt practices have eaten have into our lifestyles to such an extent that we don’t see anything wrong in what we do anymore and that things should be the way they are. We are inclined to justify all the wrongs. 

Corruption has gone viral in our society and we have reached a point of no return; it’s the beginning of the end.

These days we all are well informed of the malpractices that thrive nowadays and we have expressed revulsion, disgust and frowned at the way things are going in the country but I’ve always maintained, we all have gained and profited from corruption in one way or the other. After all, my Igbo people say “Na Obodo adigi mma bu uru ndi nze” meaning the crisis state of a society/nation is to the merit and benefit of the rich and mighty. If you say you have not benefitted from corruption, you are only playing the game of deceit with your head.

One way or the other, I don’t think there’s any man out there that will say he has been fair all his life and never broken any rule/law.

Let’s play a game of 21 questions; have you ever sorted to pass an exam? Have you ever asked someone to write attendance for you in school or at your workplace in your absence? Did you write your jamb in a special centre? Did you have to pay a concessional fee to get admission into secondary or tertiary institution? Have you ever rogered the police? Have you ever given bribe to wriggle your way out of a difficult situation? Have you ever been given preferential treatment in a bank or any other place? Have you ever bribed anybody to get a job even though you are the least qualified? Have you ever smoked weed? Did you drink before you were 21? Have you ever driven a car under the influence of alcohol? Have you ever indulged in child trafficking? Have you ever abused a child either physically or sexually? Did you have sex before you were 18? Have you ever slept with an underage girl or guy? Have you as a priest not stood your ground against corruption publicly? Have you ever killed a family member just to make money? Have you ever indulged in rituals for political reasons or because of mere jealousy? Have you even been part of a cyber crime? Have you ever embezzled public fund?  Have you ever kidnapped anybody or acted as an informant for kidnappers/robbers? Have you ever run a traffic red light before?

If you are guilty of any of these crimes, your guess is as good as mine, you are corrupt.