Sex In The Big Brother House

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, fellow housemates, Keagan and Talia had sex not once but four times. Trust Nigerians, we sabi act good but na we do pass. My twitter timeline was flooded with insults for the young girl. She was called a lot of names and labeled a disgrace to womanhood for having sex on International TV.

Sincerely speaking, at a point, I got tired of the tirade and had to “fight” for her. These people who are actually criticizing her, are they even better? Some have done worse things than that. Anyways you know what they say, the rule is “Don’t ever get caught”

I believe reality shows aren’t for Nigerians because we are too sensitive, conservative, judgmental and hypocritical. We don’t condone the sight of bad things on National TV but we do worse in hidden places.

I can recollect the first two Big Brother episodes aka Big Brother South Africa, I mean the ones Ferdinand and Richard won respectively, there was a lot of sex, cuddling, caressing, etc (Ilse Marie slept with Rabin and Richard) in the house , in spite of that the South Africans didn’t criticize these people because they know it’s very hard for adults to stay in the same house for months without them wanting to feel each other up (Read about the Enclosure Syndrome) but since the game became a multi-national affair, things have changed.

The Senate even had to write to Multichoice to scrap the most interesting part of the Big Brother show, The Shower Hour saying it portrays and relays bad message across to the children/populace. Common, if you are that sensitive to nude scenes, you are free and allowed to censor them, DStv has provisions for that. You can block your kids and family from the obscene images.

Nigerians claim to be moral but what goes down in the NYSC Orientation Camp in just three weeks is worse than what goes down in three months of Big Brother adventure, just that it isn’t aired to the whole world.

You’d see young ladies (married & single) frolicking and copulating with NYSC officials, Army Officials and fellow corps members for one reason/favour or the other, in spite of everything we have the audacity and nerve to condemn people’s sexcapades.

11 Replies to “Sex In The Big Brother House”

  1. If Jesus did not condemn Mary magdalene, who r u to judge or condemn talia? I know dat nobody knows wat he or she will do if place in a house with someone u like on national tv. Just saying….


  2. People have the right to express their feelings. Most of the people shouting “crucify them” do worse and unimaginable things. What I understand from their cries is “don’t get cut “


    1. Am not against the conservativeness of our society but if you are against nude scenes et al shown on TV, you can block and censor them. Like I said, DStv has provisions for that or you can inform them to remove the channel from the package you pay for.


  3. Its a very simple principle – If u dey form say u no wan see bobby or “ife”, no watch mojo, don’t deprive other non-hypocrites of the right to do so by asking the market not to sell.


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