Male Ego Vs Female Ego

Ego is defined as a person’s self esteem; the part of the mind that is responsible for the interpretation of reality and the sense of self.

Women say all the time that men have fragile egos. They are nothing compared to the helium-balloon female ones.

Men have a flack for having an ego but I actually think women are worse. With men, if you treat them with love and respect, they will treat you like a queen but with women, they keep wanting more and more no matter how good a man treats them. That is why married women are so vulnerable to men who hit on them. They are feeling unattractive and these men play into their ego and they are hooked.

You constantly hear  how women say they are controlled by a magical force that guided them and they can’t stop. Women can’t stand not being thought of as beautiful and not being wanted so that is why they get involved with unavailable men. It is a constant quest to make a man available but once the woman  achieved her desires she no longer wants him.

This applies with my cousin’s ex and friend’s soon to be ex. My cousin wold have given his right arm for his ex but she cheated on him and said she no longer wanted to be with him. She probably thought he would beg and plead like most men in his situation would do but he left her on the spot and told her he was also fed up with their charade of a relationship.

Once the separation was over, he wanted nothing to do with her and that drove her insane. The fact that she meant nothing to him anymore got to her. When she found out she was dating another person, she went nuts.

My friend’s girlfriend cheated on him and asked for their relationship to be annulled because she needed “some space” to find herself. He begged and pleaded but no matter what he did she was determined he was the source of all her unhappiness and wanted out. One day, he got sick of trying and called up the girl and aborted the mission himself. She flipped, and accused him of being cold, uncaring and willing to fight for what they had when he tried to fight and got nowhere. After she left, he enjoyed him freedom and lack of nagging so much that he wanted to be as free as much as she did and it’s driving her up the wall.

In both cases, the man starved the woman’s ego and it greatly upset her. Women’s egos are just as bad if not worse than man’s.

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