Arturo Zinga

Bio: The Arturo Zinga Blog: Random Thoughts of a Nigerian Youth was created by Arinze Ude in 2012. The name 'Arturo Zinga' originates from "Arthur" and "Zing" respectively. Arthur means courageous whilst zing means energy and enthusiasm. The Arturo Zinga Blog: Random Thoughts of a Nigerian Youth is built on the foundation of these three core values - courage, energy and enthusiasm. Events of life trigger our thoughts daily but it takes courage (to accept criticisms and feedback), energy (to put one's thoughts together) and enthusiasm (dedication and interest) to pen it down and share with others. This blog was created as a platform for the Nigerian youth to share his/her experiences - successes and failures. These experiences, when evaluated, are prequisite for personal and professional development. The aim is to promote discussions about health, religion, politics, sports, career, relationship, lifestyle, inspiration and education. Except where stated, articles on this website were written by Arinze Ude. However, we are more than happy to receive articles from anyone who is willing to share his/her random thoughts on the blog. Feel free to contact us via twitter (@arturozingaa) or send us an email (arturozinga@gmail.com).

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