I believe you all know how the game works. For the newbies, the game works this way: I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the name(s) of the artiste(s) and title of the song.

If you answer 7-10 questions correctly, you are a music zealot.
If you answer 4-6 questions correctly, you just like music.
If you answer less than 4 questions correctly, you suck.

Bonne Chance/good luck. we go!

“Been holdin’ this pain inside for so long though the rain never goes away. They say I should leave these streets behind me but it’s so hard to escape. Oh lord please send me an angel to lead me out of this place. Take me awwaaayyyy; away, far away to better days”

“But I know that if I stay stun-ting, all these girls only gonna want one thing. I could spend my whole life good will hunting. Only good gon’ come is as good when I’m cumming. She got a ass that’ll swallow up a g-string”

“Started with a dollar, turned it to a M; Used to ride Impala, turned it to a Benz; Niggaz used hate me, turned into my friends. You should see how people treat you when that money coming in”

“Everywhere that I go ain’t the same as befo’ People I used to know just don’t know me no more but everywhere that I go I got people I know who got people they know so I suggest you lay low (I watch)”

“Hey! Hey! Why you dey run where you dey run, you think say you get liver
You come dey form like say you be that Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hey! You go talk the one you dey today. Today, today we go run you down you no know where you dey. Heh! We dey kill them, M.I. you dey treat them. Show them say this hip-hop music dey your system. Teach them, school them, if them f**k up, cane them”

“Hahhhaha. And we are the best and weezy be the shhh like two H’s after S. I got these niggas on shhh like I gon deaf and I’m right right and your wrong left Hahahahaha”

“I close both locks below the window, I close both blinds and turn away..sometimes solutions aren’t so simple, sometimes good bye’s the only way”

“I need another story, something to get off my chest; my life is kinda boring, something I can confess, ’till all my sleeves are stained red”

“Maybe this decision was a mistake, you probably don’t care what I have to say but it’s been heavy on my mind for months, guess I’m trying to clear some mental space.”

“Last night I tried but I couldn’t sleep, thoughts of you were in my head. I was lonely and I needed you next to me, life is harder since you left. I never meant to do you wrong and now all is said and done, I hope you won’t be gone too long/ No”

Name(s) of winner(s) will published here same time tomorrow.


This game is called ”THE LAST MAN
The person who comments last wins. I give you a starting sentence. With each word that ends your sentence, the next person to comment uses your last word to starts their sentence in that order E.g. “Pop a bottle, let’s celebrate” Next person will use the word ”celebrate” as the starting word to
make his/her sentence. “Game of this sort is for mature minds” Next person will start his/her sentence with “minds”
I hope this makes your day…


Tis time for me to zing past ’em defenders.


I believe you all know how the game works. For the newbies, the game works this way: I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the name(s) of the artiste(s) and title of the song.

If you answer all 20 questions correctly, you win recharge voucher of the network of your choice.
If you answer 12-20 questions correctly, you are a music zealot.
If you answer 7-11 questions correctly, you just like music.
If you answer less than 7 questions correctly, you suck.

Bonne Chance/good luck. we go!

“I know you’ve been hurt by someone else, I can tell by the way you carry yourself. If you let me, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll take care of you. (I’ll take, I’ll take, I’ll take) I’ve loved and I’ve lost”

“I’m steady tryna find a motive why I do what I do? Freedom ain’t getting no closer no matter how far I go, my car is stolen, no registration, cops patrolling and now they done stop me”

“Girl I want to be alone with you, just to see what you can do. Ow’ you dancing all over me, Baby this is like some kind of fantasy. The way you move is teasing girl so tonight I want you in my world”

“Look at me, I’m stuck. That bubble in my pants got me caught up. I never had no luck thinking with the wrong head got me jumping out there with no gloves. It feels so good had me sprung out all messed up”

“You say you are a big boy but I can’t agree cos the love you said you had ain’t been put on me. I wonder (wonder) if I’m just too much for you. Wonder (wonder) if my kiss don’t make you just wonder (wonder) what I got next for you”

“Honey why you calling me so late? It’s kinda hard to talk right now. Honey why are you crying? Is everything okay? I gotta whisper cos I can’t be too loud”

“I don’t know what it is that makes me feel like this, I don’t know who you are but you must be some kind of superstar, cos I got my eyes on you no matter where you are, you just make me want to play”

“Well LA is getting crazy and New York is getting kinda cold, I keep my head from getting lazy. I just can’t wait to get back home. And all these days I spend away I will make up for this I swear. I need your love to hold me down when it’s all too much to bear”

“I don’t want you to give it all up and leave your own life collecting dust, and I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, you never gave us a chance to be and I don’t need you to be by my side to tell me everything’s alright. I just wanted you to tell me the truth, you know I’d do that for you.”

“I told myself I won’t miss you but I remember what I feels like beside you, I really miss your hair in my face and the way your innocence tastes and I think you should know this, you deserve much better than me”

“Til a nigga DIE, I be forever thugging baby. The same nigga, that’s why the streets love me baby. Bitch I’m from Dade County. See, I’m 7-trey Chevrolet Impala Drunk Ryder. I’ll blow your doors off, you race your car against my car, I’ll leave your ass so far you’ll doze off and when I take off, its like I took off and when I ride by, its like fly by. You like slow motion, all in 3-D.”

“You ready? Here I come. Call Lloyd Banks and get this mudaphucka crunk. It took 2months but 50 got it done, signed with G-Unit. Had niggas like Huh”

“Started with some hubbers 12years old. Man, I swear to God I was 12 years old. My mama didn’t know and Stunna ain’t know bout it till the day I got shot they found some money in my pocket”

“This ain’t goodbye, this is just where love goes when words aren’t warm enough to keep away the cold. This ain’t goodbye it’s not where our story ends but I know you can’t be mine, not the way you’ve always been. As long we’ve got time, then this ain’t goodbye”

“Call me crazy shit atleast you are calling, feels better when you let it out don’t it girl, know its easy to get caught up in the moment. When you say it cause you mad then you take it all back then we fuck all night till things get right”

“My new lady says she leaving me. Ah fuck her, I don’t care plus I got another over there. She been wanting to be with me, got her in her underwear, gave her what she want, now she need me. I got more of that coming over soon, lingerie all up in my room. I’mma make this toast to that one girl I love, I still smell her perfume”

“You got the number, it’s on you to make the call. You know I cum quick; help you re-decorate your walls, Cut your backyard, don’t have to act hard to get the cock and if I’m goin too far, I take it out and wipe it off and put it back up, and keep going. You tryin to hide it from your husband but I know he be knowin
that your pussy’s been tampered with”

“Wish I could give the world and I know it hurts sometimes when you deserve the world. Nothing comes in between us
So you can never separate me from your love, oh darling. I’m never ever letting go cause I love you more than life itself”

“I feel like Its still niggas that owe me checks. I feel like It’s still bitches that owe me sex. I feel like this but niggas don’t know he stress. I lost the only girl in the world that know me best. I got the money and the fame and that don’t mean shit. I got the Jesus on a chain, man that don’t mean shit cause when the Jesus pieces can’t bring me peace. Yo I need just at least one of Russell’s nieces”

“Closed off from love, I didn’t need the pain. Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain. Time starts to pass before you know it you’re frozen but something happened for the very first time with you, my heart melts into the ground, found something true and everyone’s looking round thinking I’m going crazy”

Name(s) of the winner(s) will be published on the same page tomorrrow.


You know how the game works; I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the name of the artiste and title of the song.


“You’ll always be a part of me; I’m part of you indefinitely. Boy don’t you know you can’t escape me…Ooh darling ’cause you’ll always be my baby”

“I didn’t mean it when I said I didn’t love you, so. I should have held on tight, I never shoulda let you go. I didn’t know nothing. I was stupid, I was foolish. I was lying to myself”

“I wish could tie you up in my shoes. Make you feel unpretty too. I was told I was beautiful but what does that mean to you. Look into the mirror who’s inside there. The one with the long hair. Same old me again today (yeah)”

“Now you can wait your whole life wondering when it’s gonna come or where it’s been. You may have got your heart broken a few times in the past. Never last strong as it used to, Don’t feel as good as it used to (before) and all the things you used to say, things you used to do, went right out the door”

“Girl, I never thought that lovin’ you would hurt (I did everything a good man would to make it work) Girl, you should have told me you had second though (Like before I put the down on the house we bought)”

“If death comes for me tonight, girl. I want you to know that I love you and no matter how tough I wouldn’t dare only to you I would reveal my tears. So tell the police I ain’t home tonight, messin’ around with you is gonna get me life but when I look into your eyes, you’re worth that sacrifice”

“Its 2 o’ damn clock in the morning Where you been? (Baby didn’t you get my 2-way? I was with my girlfriend). You a lie, I called Kiesha and Tanya and they were both at home (But I didn’t say them though)”

“It’s 2 A.M. I’m just getting in about to check my message, no one has called but my homies and some billcollectors. Cellular when somebody wants to borrow money. I two-way her she don’t hit me back something is funny. So I called her mother’s house and asked has she seen my baby. Roll my six around looking for that missing lady.”

“I’m standing on a bridge I’m waiting in the dark I thought that you’d be here by now. There’s nothing but the rain. No footsteps on the ground. I’m listening but there’s no sound”

“I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away. I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well. I wanna hold you high and steal your pain”

Names of winner(s) will be published here tomorrow.

Bonne Chance!


I believe you all know how the game works. For the newbies, the game works this way: I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the names of the artiste and title of the song. we go!

“I swear it couldn’t be sweeter, life is a bitch. Depending on how you treat her, you might get rich. It’s guaranteed you gonna die, you might get missed for maybe 2 or 3 hours, ‘till they light their spliffs…”

“Now real girls get down of the floor (on the floor), get that money honey act like you know (like you know), Mama I like how you dance, the way you fit in them pants…”

“Those flashing lights come from everywhere, the way they hit it, I just stop and stare, she’s got me lovestoned. Man I think that she knows, I think that she knows”

“Yo, I’m internationally known on the microphone. I got it all but I really need a wife at home. I don’t really like the zone, never spend the night alone”

“So please don’t say you wanna give up, how do I tell her that I’m fallen in love, and I know you’re waiting patiently for that day when you longer have to…”

“Somebody said they saw you, the person you were kissing wasn’t me and I would never as you, I just kept it to myself”

“It’s like I missed a shot, it’s like I dropped a ball. (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like I’m on stage, and forgot the words (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like building a new house, with no roof and no doors. (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like trying to propose and I ain’t got the ring. (Oooh damn I’m sorry)”

“When she starts bringing up old dirt and the fights keep getting worse, finding numbers in her purse, you better put that woman first and you know she ain’t wearing her ring when she starts playing little games, coming in late from work….”

“You’ve got that smile that only heaven can make; I pray to God everyday that you keep that smile…Yeah, you are my dream, there’s not a thing I won’t do. I’d give my life up for you, ‘cause you are my dream”

“No I can’t let you go, you are a part of me now, caught by the taste of your kiss and I don’t wanna know the reason why I can’t stay forever like this. Now I’m climbing the walls cause I miss you”

The result will be published same time tomorrow and the winners announced.

Wish you the best of luck.