In Nigeria, I’ve noticed people hate going to hospitals and would rather wait till their ailment gets worse before they visit the hospital.

What do you think is the reason for this?

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  1. As a public health analyst,, there are various factors that affect health: human, social, cultural, economic, etc.. These factors work together to affect the health of a population. Answering this question entails looking beyond the individual level. How is health regarded in this country? Is it a right of the people or a product that must be exchanged for money? What structures have been put in place to make health accessible and available to the masses. If there are, are they evidence-based, culturally acceptable and not just politically motivated. Until these questions are answered, everything still remains a joke to me.


  2. Beyond the fear of needles, personalised and healing care is far fetched in general hospitals partly cos of the population, whereas in the private, costs are simply dear,hence the chemist shop alternative.
    Also a lot of medical personnel are complacent and simply say “its government work,at the end of the month I’ll still be paid”.
    Government on its part has not lived up to expectations by providing the needed equipment.
    Elaborating on the above will only expose the ischaemia in the country called Nigeria. We don’t need to be privy to any classified document to see, know and hear the truth.


  3. Bills, bro…….bills. Plus the fact that most people do not think of natural causes, they attribute illnesses to demons and stuff. So they’re more inclined to visit a prayerhouse first.


  4. As 4 me,I hate hospital,no I mean I hate hospital with passion,d smell,d wicked nurses,d snobby Doc(Is there any word like dat,am sorry 4 using dat bt hop u understand wat I mean),d cries of patients,d pain around,2 many 2 mention.If it is even possible I would’nt go 2 hospital 2 give birth(do I have an option here).Well I saw an alternative,’Paul and Grace Foundation’Enugu,join me…..


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