A 15 year old boy in USA, Jack Andraka, created a cancer test using Google. His method is 168 times faster and a lot cheaper than the best current way of testing for the diseases.

Mastrophobia is the irrational fear of breats.

There’s a wine spa pool in Japan.

Some men have no refractory period (the time you have to wait to have sex again). Implying that one can have sex again and again until they are tired.

Mormon missionaries can only call home twice a year, once on Mother’s day and the other on Christmas day.

The human mind spends 70% of its time replaying memories and creating scenarios of perfect moments and situations.

There’s an island in Puerto Rico inhabited exclusively by a few scientists and over 800 monkeys. It is a grand experiment that is off-limits to tourists. It is called Monkey Island.

In 2006, a penis was grown in a laboratory and successfully transplanted onto a rabbit.

Happy Pizza is pizza topped in Marijuana, which is on sale in Cambodia.

It takes your brain 20minutes to register that your stomach is full.

People with high IQ tend to stay up later during the night due to increased mental stimulation.

During a kiss, natural antibiotics are secreted in the saliva. Saliva also contains a natural anaesthetic that helps relive pain.

As much as 6% of the world’s population suffer from sex addiction.

Mr Bean ran for 5years and had only 14 episodes.

In British Columbia, Canada, a couple is considered legally married if they have lived together two years in a conjugal relationship. This applies to straight and gay couples.

Because of the genetic oddity that occurs when identical twins marry identical twins, the children of the couples will be full genetic siblings.

Over long periods of time, couples literally develop similar facial features.

The world’s longest engagement lasted for 67years.

The sight of the toilet helps to trigger a response in your brain that its time to go to the toilet thus making it difficult to hold in your urine when you are closer to the toilet.

Video games can help train the brain to make faster real life decisions.

When in love, the human mind tends to ignore a person’s flaws causing it to be difficult to leave someone who causes you pain.

During WWI, a British soldier showed mercy to a wounded German infantryman who later turned out to be Adolf Hitler.

A mentally ill artist committed suicide by handcuffing himself to a tree and throwing away the key. His skeleton was found 3years later (with signs suggesting he may have changed his mind).

Gossiping has positive effects on women — It elevates levels of progesterone, a hormone that reduces stress and feels good.

A man received the heart of a suicide victim, married his widow and killed himself the same day the donor did.

Copenhagen will be the first smoke-free city in the world. By 2025n there won’t be any smokers and it will be illegal to smoke.

An Italian porn star became a politician and continued to make adult movies while a member of the parliament.

While playing and listening to music, your brain receives enough mental exercise to reduce risk of mental disorders.

There are three things the human brain cannot resist noticing — They are food, attractive people and danger.

A person who suffers from the “Pseudobulbar Affect” often experiences involuntary fits of laughter and crying. Sometimes simultaneously.

Gangnam Style has officially become the most viewed video on You Tube.

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  1. Really good research. I’m sure nobody tells u, but the amount of time u put in researching this stuff and then putting it on here is commendable. Kudos papi!


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