Why do ‘bad’ girls find it easier to get married?

11 Replies to “LADIES LOUNGE”

  1. Sad Bro but the plain truth is Loyalty!!!They seem to ve ” Seen it all,done it all” plus they know exactly how to please a Man’s ego unlike the good ones wey go de form Principles!!!


  2. The reasons why men tend to marry the ‘supposed’ bad girls are many. First of all, they know how to communicate, they know how to take care of their man, they know how to take care of themselves(dress well, make their hair, paint their nails, smell good for their husband), every man wants to come back home to a loving wife full of love, care and romance plus they dont nag. She may not know how to cook but the man wont complain while the good ones which i termed the virteous ones are quite the opposite of the supposed bad girl. She can cook, make the home, full of humility but she nags,she is dirty, she is not romantic, she is the type that starts tying wrapper after a kid or two. She doesnt know how to have a descent convo with her husband


  3. The reason why d so called bad girls marry quickly is bcos they tend to let yu know all they’ve got without reservations which is what d average guy wants in a woman.


  4. Not plain luck I know. They are way smarter than goodiemma and know when to say yes during shaiking. They are good in adoring a man plus they are flexible. Imagine a wife tell u a particular sex position is for prostitutes or another wife initiating those positions. Imagine coming home to to meet your honey in bum shorts / nightie or imagine her in wrappers or large pinjamas. See ladies ” to get the best out of a man, you have to learn how to keep him” . Make una no use principle/forming/waiting for the perfect guy pursue am.


  5. Hahahaha…….lmao all dese replies are hilarious,well its nt plain luck truth is no girl presents herself as bad to any man dey all appear like goody two shoes. U see dose ones u tnk are bad being d best girlfriends,they cook,clean etc den dey do dose little things dat makes a man certain he wnts to spend d rest of his life with dis girl like dressing good enough to make him proud of showing u off to his friends, understanding wen he’s broke nd not requesting, making inputs in his business……wen d guy finally hears frm sm1 dat she’s a bad girl he tnks about it as frivolous or smtn dat occurred in d past and is driven to tie the knot so as to kip her away frm such temptations………………The difference btwn a good girl nd a bad girl is dat d good girl has always been good and so she tinks she deserves d best bcs she kept herself hence demands it while the bad girl is very careful bcs she knws she has dirt in her past so she summons all her wifey techniques to tie the guy down b4 he starts dwelling on her past


  6. simple men love the thrill dey get wit bad gurls chikena…….the good ones tend to be 2 goo,diplomatic nd principled to a fault.


  7. Eddie,Mezie n Ifeanyi have said it all. Cant v a silly gal 4 a wife. Hell,i cant even befriend a virgin talk more of dating her let alone marry. A man nids a gal who reads body language nt sum dummy dat waits 4 errthang to b spelt out. A woman who undastands d meaning of ‘space’ nt sum pet dat clings tighter dan boxers. Furthermore,d good gals make up 4 dia immaturity n gross inexperience wit annoyn principles which make em luk real stupid. I dont nid such lest i commit involuntary manslaughter(just joking) lol


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