Why the rise in marriage failure?

8 Replies to “QUESTION OF THE DAY”

  1. 1.Misconception of the concept by both parties.
    2.being desperate on thepart of ladies.
    3.bad companies as friends.
    4.sudden rush b4 maturity.


  2. Poverty can be a major cause of marriage failures.In d bit of d guy or gurl to escape lack in their family,goes into marriage unprepared or with selfish interest.Also Celibate gurl or guy can rush into marriage to ease off d Sex drive.


  3. Its def nt worth it.Most pple r in it 4 d money;I say screw dat method nd do it a more dignified way….d rest r in it 4 d trill,kuz hw else do u describe rich gals who still do it :s.Its a very self demeanin position nd I fink no matter wot u gt outta it,its nt worth it


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