Oculolinctus is the process of licking someone’s eyeball for sexual pleasure.

Hematidrosis (also called hematohidrosis) is a very rare condition in which a human sweats blood. It may occur when a person is suffering extreme levels of stress, for example, facing his or her own death.

Surveys show that both men and women prefer an attractive face over an attractive body for a long-term mate.

All breasts have the same number of nerve endings, no matter what their size is. This is also why smaller breasts are more sensitive.

In the 1950s, women believed douching with Coca-Cola could prevent pregnancy.

Hypergargalesthesia is the condition of extreme sensitivity to tickling — Some people may pass out when tickled.

The world is going to end in 2060″,was the conclusion drawn by Newton after carefully researching the Bible. The Mayans do believe the world will end 21st December this year.

Nipples stimulate the same area of the female brain as genitals do.

In a recent survey it was stated that men who helped their wives with housework had more sex on average.

Lack of sleep increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Pygophilia is a condition in which a person gets sexually aroused by the ass.

The growth of cancer cells can be slowed down by using marijuana.

1 out of 5 million male born with a condition called Penile Agenesis, which is being born literally without penis.

Human male possesses bigger heart and bigger brain than their female counter part.

In a study, the majority of women claimed that they found kissing to be more intimate than sex.

To describe a situation when a girl looks good from the back but actually has butter face, Japanese use a term called Bakku-shan.

Cap d’Agde is a village and tourist spot in France famous because it was an officially declared nudist village.

Jehs Lehmann studied Economics at University of Munster between 1992 and 1998.

Before the 1940s, Pink was a masculine color and was preferred by boys, while blue was more of a feminine color.

Research on pigs led to the development of CAT scans.

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