Since the ladies aren’t crazy about the round leather game, I’ve come up with this forum for them.
I hope you all enjoy it.

1 What do you want in a man?

2 Describe your perfect/worst date

3 What’s your preferable body shape and size of a man.

4 What’s your best sex position? And why?

5 Mention what turns you on/off during sex.

6 Are you comfortable being the side chick/mistress? If yes/no, why?

7 What ways do you think you can make a relationship last?

8 Does the size of a man’s organ affect the sex and is it one of the reasons women fake orgasms? How important is cunnilingus to orgasm?

9 Describe your sexual fantasy

10 Who’s your celebrity crush?


Welcome everybody to this maiden edition of the football trivia. This is how the game works, I ask football questions and you give me the answers. The nos 1-5 questions are specifically tailored for Chelsea fans, nos 6-10 are for Arsenal fans, nos 11-15 are for Manchester United fans and nos 16-20 are for Liverpool fans.

If you answer all questions correctly, you are a football freak.
If you answer your club questions correctly, you are a true fan.
If you fail to answer any question correctly, then, you are one of those people who argue blindly about football in public.

I guess that’s pretty clear to everyone. Ok! Leggo!

Bonne Chance

1 Which of these players started his career at Chelsea FC? Gustavo Poyet, Jody Morris, Dan Petrescu, Mikael Forsell, Dennis Wise, Carlton Cole and Asier del Horno

2 What jersey number did Alexei Smertin wear during his time at the Chelsea?

3 In early 2000s, Tore Andre Flo formed a formidable strike force with Gianfranco Zola and who?

4 Who signed Eidur Gudjohnsen for Chelsea? And from which club?

5 Who wore the number 11 jersey for Chelsea prior to Damien Duff’s signing from Blackburn Rovers?

BONUS – Frank Lampard started his career at West Ham under his Uncle, Harry Redknapp. Name 6 current England stars Redknapp produced alongside Lampard at West Ham

6 What’s the name of Liberian International that lifted the EPL title with Arsenal in 1998?

7 Who wore the number 7 jersey for the club prior to Robert Pires’ signing from Olympique Marseille?

8 Giles Grimandi, who serves as a scout at the club, wore what jersey number during his time as a player?

9 What’s the name of Chelsea goal keeper Kanu scored that famous 15 minute hattrick against?

10 Which Arsenal player scored and missed a penalty in the famous FA Cup Semi Final Replay against Manchester United in 1999?

BONUS – Name 8 goal keepers who have kept the goal at least once for Arsenal FC between 2000 and 2012.

11 In 99/early 2000, two Norwegian defenders were on the books of Manchester United. Name them.

12 Which team did Cristiano Ronaldo debut against? And what was the score line that day?

13 Which of these players started their career at United? Roy Keane, Luke Chadwick, Andy Cole, Karel Poborsky, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Darren Fletcher, Jonathan Greening

14 Prior to his signing for United in January 2004, How many goals did Louis Saha score for Fulham in the first half of that season?

15 What’s the name of Johann Cruyff’s son that played for United?

BONUS – After the exit of Peter Schemiechel, SAF tried not less than six goalkeepers before settling for Edwin van der Sar. Name six of them

16 After Euro 96, two players from the great Czech team that lost in the final to Germany signed for Liverpool, who are they?

17 What jersey number did Titi Camara wear during his time at Anfield?

18 Did Alou Diarra and Bernard Diomede play for the club?

19 Mention the players who have moved from Liverpool to Real Madrid between (2000-2012)

20 Who did Steve Gerrard replace as the captain of the club?

BONUS – Gerrard Houllier signed a lot of players during his stint at the club. Mention 7 spanish players he signed for the club

The result will be published same time tomorrow


I believe you all know how the game works. For the newbies, the game works this way: I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the name(s) of the artiste(s) and title of the song.

If you answer 7-10 questions correctly, you are a music zealot.
If you answer 4-6 questions correctly, you just like music.
If you answer less than 4 questions correctly, you suck.

Bonne Chance/good luck. we go!

“Been holdin’ this pain inside for so long though the rain never goes away. They say I should leave these streets behind me but it’s so hard to escape. Oh lord please send me an angel to lead me out of this place. Take me awwaaayyyy; away, far away to better days”

“But I know that if I stay stun-ting, all these girls only gonna want one thing. I could spend my whole life good will hunting. Only good gon’ come is as good when I’m cumming. She got a ass that’ll swallow up a g-string”

“Started with a dollar, turned it to a M; Used to ride Impala, turned it to a Benz; Niggaz used hate me, turned into my friends. You should see how people treat you when that money coming in”

“Everywhere that I go ain’t the same as befo’ People I used to know just don’t know me no more but everywhere that I go I got people I know who got people they know so I suggest you lay low (I watch)”

“Hey! Hey! Why you dey run where you dey run, you think say you get liver
You come dey form like say you be that Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hey! You go talk the one you dey today. Today, today we go run you down you no know where you dey. Heh! We dey kill them, M.I. you dey treat them. Show them say this hip-hop music dey your system. Teach them, school them, if them f**k up, cane them”

“Hahhhaha. And we are the best and weezy be the shhh like two H’s after S. I got these niggas on shhh like I gon deaf and I’m right right and your wrong left Hahahahaha”

“I close both locks below the window, I close both blinds and turn away..sometimes solutions aren’t so simple, sometimes good bye’s the only way”

“I need another story, something to get off my chest; my life is kinda boring, something I can confess, ’till all my sleeves are stained red”

“Maybe this decision was a mistake, you probably don’t care what I have to say but it’s been heavy on my mind for months, guess I’m trying to clear some mental space.”

“Last night I tried but I couldn’t sleep, thoughts of you were in my head. I was lonely and I needed you next to me, life is harder since you left. I never meant to do you wrong and now all is said and done, I hope you won’t be gone too long/ No”

Name(s) of winner(s) will published here same time tomorrow.


I took a lot of sticks last sunday for my post on having sex with a menstruating lady and it got me thinking…Why do we claim ‘holier than thou’ attitude on sundays but return to our ‘sinful’ ways on Monday through Saturday?