Okafor’s Law states that if u have been involved with a girl for a period of time and did a good job in and out of the bedroom (mostly in..), the belief is that u can always go to the girl at any given time and sleep with her again no matter what situation arises (breakups, different lover, etc..)

The word ‘Checkmate’ comes from Arabic ‘shah mat’ meaning ‘the king is dead’

The King and Queen in Lion King were voiced by The King and Queen in Coming To America.

Akon’s full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam.

Ducks can see more colours than us.

Orgasms can cure hiccups.

Murphy Law states that ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’

It is a common prank among kids in school in Japan to stick fingers into other people’s butts when they are not looking, it is called KANCHO.

Sleeping on the left side of the bed makes you more cheerful and positive.

A healthy child was born after the body of its brain dead mother was kept for 107 days.

It took 35 policemen armed with AK47’s to rescue a shaved orangutan that was being used as a sex slave in Borneo brothel.

If one identical twin is homosexual, there is about 30-40% chance that the other twin is as well.

Brazilian prisoners are now able to shorten their sentences by reading books and writing essays about them.

A radio station in New Zealand has ‘No-NickelBack days’ – if they play a NickelBack song, you can call in to win $1000.

There’s a city called ‘Licking’ and a town called ‘Butts’ in Missouri, USA.

There is a cognitive bias called The Google Effect where a person tends to forget the information that can easily be found using the search engine.

Mikel Obi made history on saturday becoming the first midfielder in the English Premier League not to score a goal in 158 matches.

There’s a worm that looks like penis and it has been termed Penis fish.

Men think about sex on average of 19times a day, women think about sex about 10times a day.

The people of Easter Island have a word called ‘Tingo’ which literally means ‘the act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.’

King Charles VI of France thought he was made of glass and therefore he didn’t allow people to touch him.

It is healthy to pick your nose as long as it doesn’t cause bleeding.

Your mind can sense someone staring at you even when asleep.

By 2020, depression will be the leading cause of death and disability.

Until the 70s, there were several US cities where it was illegal to be ugly in public.

The ‘smell of metal’ is actually a body odour caused by contact between skin and metal.

Scientists have invented particles that will make you live without breathing.

There’s an occurrence most commonly known as a fire rainbow, which is neither made of fire nor related to rainbows. It is named fire rainbow because of the way the pattern it’s in, and because of the colours. Its real name is Circumhorizontal arc.

Irish striker, Robbie Keane played for Internazionale (FC INTER MILAN). He signed for the italian club from Coventry City and left the club for Leeds United.

Juventus is nicknamed ‘The Old Lady’ and used to share the Stadium Delle Alpi with city rivals Torino.

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