Is it ideal to marry without one’s parents’ consent?

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  1. I dnt tink its ideal to marry witout consent from parents esp in our contemporary ibo tradition, marriage is like contract or covenant bw d families, it goes witout sayin dat no man is an island so u need family at times to watch out for ur family. Its not best to ostracize them.


  2. “Parents’ consent” is a condition precedent for a successful marriage.I dnt think its ideal to marry witout their consent.can affect ones live in one way or the other#


  3. #word# dnt even try it @ all. There ll always be a way to penetrate ur parents n convince dem, bt if dt dsnt work, no need going ahead with d marriage. Marriage is no bed of roses, its full of ups n downs. Ur parents re where u fall bak to if need be. Dnt venture into marriage without parent’s consent


    1. God bless u Kakaoffiah, I lik people who tinks outside d box. Will 1 stop demsef 4rm being happy bcs of lack of consent? Yes, it is gud 2 hv consent bt if consent is denied especially wtout a gud reason den i sch shudnt b ignored. I conclude wt ds, wat of orphans, whose consent shud dey get, dts y consent is important, bt nt a necessity 4 an ideal marriage especially in adult cases.


  4. I think it depends on the sitution,if they give you a genuine reason then you shouldn’t try it,but if its a flimsy reason lik the other family not being up to standard or they have someone they think is ideal for you,u can go ahead!wit time n prayers they will accept the person


  5. It is not IDEAL.

    You should be able to make effective decisions. You should have a track record of making such decisions. This will make your parents more trusting of your decisions.


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