Welcome everybody to this edition of the football trivia. Just a reminder on how this game works, I ask football questions and you give me the answers. The nos 1-5 questions are specifically tailored for Chelsea fans, nos 6-10 are for Arsenal fans, nos 11-15 are for Manchester United fans and nos 16-20 are for Liverpool fans.

If you answer all questions correctly, you are a football freak.
If you answer your club questions correctly, you are a true fan.
If you fail to answer any question correctly, then, you are one of those people who argue blindly about football in public.

I guess that’s pretty clear to everyone. Ok! Leggo!

Bonne Chance

1 Chelsea was knocked out of the 1999/2000 UEFA Champions League by which team?

2 Chelsea beat Manchester United 5nil at Stamford Bridge in early 2000s, who scored the first goal in that match?

3 Did Jody Morris play/score in that match

4 William Gallas joined the club from which team?

5 Wayne Bridge was signed from which club?

BONUS – Which of these players started his career at the club? Mikael Forsell, John Terry, Graeme Le Saux, Mario Stanic, Sam Della Bonna.

6 Patrick Vieira joined Arsenal from which club?

7 Francis Jeffers was sold to which team?

8 What jersey number did David Bentley wear during his time at the club?

9 Junichi Inamoto played for Arsenal. Yes/No

10 Arsenal lost 6-1 to Man United at Old Trafford in 2001. Who scored the club’s lone goal?

BONUS – Which of these players started his career at Arsenal? Nicolas Anelka, Jack Wilshere, Jermaine Pennant, Ashley Cole, Ray Parlour and Matthew Upson.

11 Eric Djemba Djemba joined Manchester United from which club?

12 What jersey number did he wear at the club?

13 Gabriel Heinze joined United from which team?

14 The first jersey number Kieran Richardson wore at United was?

15 Sylvian Ebanks-Blake played for United. Yes/No

BONUS – Which of these players started their career at United? Kieran Richardson, John O’shea, Sylvian Ebanks-Blake, Danny Pugh, Craig Cathcart.

16 Spanish right back, Josemi was sold in an exchange deal to Villareal for which player?

17 Fernando Torres scored on his debut against which team?

18 Liverpool sold Mark Gonzalez to?

19 Luis Garcia was signed from?

20 What jersey number did Fernando Morientes wear during his time at Anfield?

BONUS – Which of these players started his career at Anfield?

2 Replies to “FOOTBALL TRIVIA”

  1. 1 FC Barcelona knocked Chelsea out of the Champions League that year, beating them 4 1 at the Camp Nou.

    2 Gustavo Poyet scored the first goal in that match by heading past an on-rushing Massimo Taibi in United goal.

    3 Jody Morris did play and score in that match.

    4 William Gallas moved to London from Olympique Marseille in 2001.

    5 Wayne Bridge left Southampton for Chelsea in 2003.

    BONUS – John Terry

    6 Patrick Vieira joined Arsenal from AC Milan in 1996.

    7 Francis Jeffers, a flop during his time at Highbury, returned to Everton FC on loan in 2003 before signing permanently for Charlton Athletic in 2004.

    8 David Bentley wore jersey number 52.

    9 Junichi Inamoto did play for Arsenal before going on to play for Fulham and West Bromwich Albion.

    10 Thierry Henry opened the scoring on the day.

    BONUS – Jack Wilshere, Matthew Upson and Ashley Cole

    11 FC Nantes sold Eric Djemba Djemba to Manchester United in 2003.

    12 Hailed as the new Roy Keane, he wore the number 19 Jersey.

    13 Gabriel Heinze joined Manchester United from Paris Saint Germain in 2004.

    14 The first jersey Kieran Richardson wore at United was no 42.

    15 Yes, Sylvian Ebanks Blake played for United in the Carling cup.

    BONUS – All the players (Danny Pugh, Sylvian Ebanks Blake, John O’shea, Craig Cathcart and Kieran Richardson) started their career at United. Although Blake and Richardson joined the youth set up from Cambridge United and West Ham United.

    16 Dutch right back, Jan Kromkamp joined Liverpool from Villareal iwth Josemi going the other way in 2006.

    17 Fernando Torres did not score on his debut against Aston Villa but scored a week later against Chelsea.

    18 Mark Gonzalez was sold to Spanish Club, Real Betis in 2007.

    19 Luis Garcia was signed from Barcelona in 2004.

    20 Fernando Morientes wore jersey number 19 back then.


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