There are more slaves now than at any point in history, even though slavery is illegal in all countries.

Most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola and Budweiser in that order.

Iceland was the first country to legalize abortion in 1935.

There is a religion called YOISM, which is referred to as an “Open Source Religion”

There is a guy who loves to attend funerals and has to quit his job to feed his addiction.

We have vestigial deposits of magnetite in our sinuses which are used by evolutionary ancestor to sense the earth’s magnetic field for direction.

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stintson in How I Met Your Mother) has a food porn twitter account and is reportedly gay. He got the role in the Series by messing up a scene in audition.

There is a hand in Texas Hold ‘Em known as Anna Kournikova (Enrique Iglesias’ wife and former tennis star) because “it looks good but rarely wins”

Swedish language has a word to describe a person who has had sex with someone you yourself have had sex with – Buksvager.

Osaze Odemwigie has won player of the month award thrice in two seasons. In 2010/2011, he won the award twice becoming one of the few players to do so in one season.

According to a 1988 study when bright light is shone at the back of human knees it can reset the brain’s sleep-wake clock. Scientists have been unable to explain why this happens.

People that feel smarter when wearing glasses tend to become more studious and in turn, do well in school.

Bruce Lee could throw grains of rice into the air and then catch them mid flight using chopsticks.

Walking in a labyrinth is good for your health and it also effectively reduces anxiety.

Germany last won the World Cup in 1990. Before that they won it in 1974; 1990+1974 =3964. Argentina last won the World Cup in 1986, before that thye won it in 1978; 1978+1986 =3964. Judging by numbers, the 2002 World Cup would be won by 3964-2002 = 1962 winner of that year’s World Cup which was Brazil. Brazil won the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan.

St. Elizabeth in Jamaica is the first town in the world to have electricity.

The people of Bali only have one of the four names; Wayan, Made, Myonan and Ketut. If they give birth to a fifth child, it starts all over again with Wayan.

Koma people of Adamawa state, Nigeria don’t wear any clothing. They are still nude.

Plans to assasinate Hitler was cancelled because it was feared his successor would be a more rational and effective leader.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, former US president was buried without his brain after it was lost during autopsy.

A British schoolboy was expelled after dipping his balls into a teacher’s cup of tea. The teacher unsuspectingly drank her tea from it.

Hulk Hogan once had a restaurant called Hulk Hogan’s Pastamania.

A man has been arrested over 1350 times. He has been in jail so many times that he started having fun with his mugshots too.

Every specie of animal has its own unique world called, an “unwelt” that they experience due to the limits and extents of their own senses.

Pepsi originally had pepsin, a protein enzyme thus the name.

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  1. Lwkmd.the part of the research that really triped me is the Koma people of Adamawa state in Nigeria.plz 9ja needs more civilization.


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