I’ve always wanted to play football in one of the big leagues and show the world the talent God gave to me.

People who’ve known me for years still can’t believe I didn’t play professionally. Allow me to blow my own horn; I am blessed with the gift. I can play as a playmaker, striker or winger. I am tremendously skillful with both feet, have a flair for defence-splitting passes and a hawk eye for goal.

Everybody in my family supported this dream of mine except my dad. My dad is a very intelligent, meticulous and articulate man thus I trust his opinions and thoughts. The moment I knew he didn’t give his consent, my heart sank because I believe the man die!

He said “How can you, my son be a professional footballer? Mba nu! You are more intelligent than that. You must be educated. What would you do when you retire from the game at 30/35?”

He had a very serious point. Most footballers call time on their career between the ages of 30 and 39. You know what they say, life begins at 40 so you see where he’s already looking at. If I retire at 30 without education, I could become a liability to other members of the family.

My dad always maintained education doesn’t make one rich but gives you wealth of knowledge and removes the scales of ignorance from your eyes. He believed footballers are womanizers, who lavish their money on girls, cars and other irrelevant things because they lack educational exposure.

My late uncle was an ex-Green Eagle and my in-law, Christian Obodo used to play for the Super Eagles. In my late uncle’s case, his career was cut short by a nagging knee injury and my dad said to me…”My son, if you have a career ending injury like your uncle, what would you do with your life?” I couldn’t utter a word.

I kept on nursing my ambition to lock horns with the stars I watch every week on television, I sent my video clips to some clubs, most notably Manchester United and Real Madrid wearing their colours in the video clips. I even proceeded to write SAT with my friends Ababa & El Rey which I passed and got admission to study Economics at Memorial University of Newfoundland, UCLA or University of Illinois but my dad didn’t budge. The coach of University of Illinois Men’s soccer team at the time, Ben Massena tried to pull the deal through…for where? UK and Ireland (University of Loughborough to study Chemical Engineering) came calling…zilch! Then my dad asked me one question that if I answer it correctly I could go play wherever I want. He asked “what would you do with the money you will make?” Huh, did I hear him correctly? Who you dey ask that one? I mean I was 15/16 at the time and of course, I couldn’t answer that question. I was speechless and numb.

Parents often pressurize their kids into choosing things they don’t want like filling Medicine and Surgery, Law, Enginnering or any other professional course on their JAMB forms for one particular reason or the other (could be selfish or not). That’s why some of these kids end up failing because they have no interest in the course or are afraid of failing & disappointing their parents.

Don’t get me wrong, our parents love us and they want the best for us but what they fail to understand is that God gave you that talent you have for a reason.

All they have to do is support and encourage the child’s dreams and ambitions and help him/her develop that talent. When they do, the child will definitely do exceedingly well. I’m yet to see a person who failed to bring to fruition his dreams, goals and ambitions when he/she had the backing of the parents.

For instance, look at Lionel Messi, the man who every football lover believes is a Martian, was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of 11. Argentine perennial champions, River Plate backed out on offering him a deal because they had no money to foot his medical bills. Then came Barcelona with an escape route for the Argentine imp, offering to pay his medical bills only if Messi signed for their academy (La Masia). The father, Jorge agreed and resigned from his job as a factory steel worker and migrated to Barcelona to be with his son.

Today, he’s won everything winnable except the World Cup. He has been world footballer of the year thrice at just 24 and has 21 winners medal with club and country including a myriad of individual honours.

If you have a talent, nurture it and put it to great use. If you are a parent, help your child discover his/her talent, aid and support the development of this God-given talent.

What’s your talent?

14 Replies to “Talent”

  1. This is one of the reason our beloved nation has not progressed for as long as I can remember. Our parents tend to wanna control the lives of their kids using experience in live to justify themselves and thinking they are doing the right thing as a parent. I don’t blame them they say a parent wants the best for their child but this is not the best way to go about this. Help your child know his talent and give them the guidance and backing they need to succeed, education involved as my friend rightly said ‘it removes the scales of ignorance’ from your eyes. This is true but they should go hand in hand, this is one way to making the nation great. Well written Zinga..Bravo


  2. i wantd to ask u exactly d same question d first person askd bt it hd already bn answered.then wot makes u tink Football n education r mutually exclusive.Brazilian Socrates(God rest his soul) ws a doctor,n MK DONS defender,Palmer,hs a degree in Software Engineering from CAMBRIDGE! I v said b4 n i’ll say it again.i intend to xpose my kids to football n tennis.n once i identify any talentd in any,i intend to support him/her full time


    1. I never said education and football can’t go hand in hand…vincent kompany is a graduate and will start his msc in september, antonio nunez former real madrid & liverpool player is from the family of lawyers. Seyi olofinjana is an engineer and etc. Thank God for exposure and ‘more’ civilisation. Things weren’t like this back then so we ought to support our kids and help them develop their talents.


  3. Its all about Medicine in this country. Yeah, Medicine. Not even Engineering or Law. Law, if the student took the arts path in school. Nothing else matters to these parents of ours. I think its aimply a pride thing. Having a ‘Dr’ in the family & being asked about ‘Doc’ by their colleagues. The reality in life is that the richest people on earth are either barely educated, didn’t study professional courses & are all business men. Meanwhile, Eto earns £300k per week….


    1. True but our society has no provision/avenue for people to develop their talents. All the college drop-outs that are billionaires have brain. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg/ Steve Jobs are hyper smart.


  4. That is the problem we have in Nigeria, our thought process is so wack, it leaves me amazed… As a parent, if you encourage your kid to do what they love and have passion for, they almost always excel in life.. One because what they do is what they love n they are good at n two, because their parents whom they look upto have their backs. These kids also tend to be smarter than their counterparts who are forced to study particular courses because of the so called ‘prestige’ that comes with it. Please if you are a parent or you aspire to be one, try and find out what your kid is good at and encourage them… With your sound counsel and good advice, I’m sure they ll make the most out of their lives.


  5. Nice write up bro. We all are talented in one way or the other.we jst nid the good Lord 2 help bring out the best in every1 of us dat we may live 2 accomplish dat mission we were assigned. Messi, Jobs, Tigerwoods, Chase, Mel Gibson etc r currently waves. I believe we can do better.


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