Our topic for today is gayism and lesbianism. Often times, I’ve heard people say they were created and wired that way from birth and I’ve been wondering if they have a point there.

What’s your opinion on homosexuality? Do you believe some people were created that way by God? Or do you think this act emanated as a result of peer pressure?

Please leave your comments.

7 Replies to “QUESTION OF THE DAY”

  1. I dont believe GOD created anyone like that.Most of them is caused by mental disorder or disorientation by older mentors.The bible totally condemns hoxosexuality and lesbianism.Infact these acts are the primary reason GOD destroyed sodom and gomorrow in the bible.


  2. No1 was created like dat abeg..I bliv tz all effects of pressure n environ,n africans only wna b gay coz whites are..if dere were no gay pple in d western world,I doubt dere wud b anything like dat in any oda part of d world


  3. In the past, it was believed that homosexuality was a psychotic illness, and definitive treatment was electroconvulsive therapy. Funny how it turned from psychosis to a rave of sorts. They still freaks to me.


    1. Leviticus 18 v 22 says “No man is to have sexual relations with another man; God hates that.” With that said, I don’t think GOD created anybody that way since he hates it!


  4. yeah….God neva created no one 2 be queer….but they’re here….so…why…hang them…it’s a great evil…i know but so is sex B4 marriage, pornography, stealing, racketeering, embezzlement, gambling…but we’re all quilty…so wot’re we saying….


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