I believe you all know how the game works. For the newbies, the game works this way: I write out the lyrics of a song and you tell me the names of the artiste and title of the song. we go!

“I swear it couldn’t be sweeter, life is a bitch. Depending on how you treat her, you might get rich. It’s guaranteed you gonna die, you might get missed for maybe 2 or 3 hours, ‘till they light their spliffs…”

“Now real girls get down of the floor (on the floor), get that money honey act like you know (like you know), Mama I like how you dance, the way you fit in them pants…”

“Those flashing lights come from everywhere, the way they hit it, I just stop and stare, she’s got me lovestoned. Man I think that she knows, I think that she knows”

“Yo, I’m internationally known on the microphone. I got it all but I really need a wife at home. I don’t really like the zone, never spend the night alone”

“So please don’t say you wanna give up, how do I tell her that I’m fallen in love, and I know you’re waiting patiently for that day when you longer have to…”

“Somebody said they saw you, the person you were kissing wasn’t me and I would never as you, I just kept it to myself”

“It’s like I missed a shot, it’s like I dropped a ball. (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like I’m on stage, and forgot the words (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like building a new house, with no roof and no doors. (Damn I’m sorry). It’s like trying to propose and I ain’t got the ring. (Oooh damn I’m sorry)”

“When she starts bringing up old dirt and the fights keep getting worse, finding numbers in her purse, you better put that woman first and you know she ain’t wearing her ring when she starts playing little games, coming in late from work….”

“You’ve got that smile that only heaven can make; I pray to God everyday that you keep that smile…Yeah, you are my dream, there’s not a thing I won’t do. I’d give my life up for you, ‘cause you are my dream”

“No I can’t let you go, you are a part of me now, caught by the taste of your kiss and I don’t wanna know the reason why I can’t stay forever like this. Now I’m climbing the walls cause I miss you”

The result will be published same time tomorrow and the winners announced.

Wish you the best of luck.

3 Replies to “MUSIC TRIVIA”

  1. 1) Ja rule – new york feat fat joe
    (2) shake ur tail feather – nelly, murphy lee n p diddy
    (3) justin timberlake – ♥ stoned
    (4) I need a gal prt 1 – diddy, loon n usher. *fedi days*
    (5) avant – lie about us
    (6) mario winas – I don’t wanna know
    (7) jahiem – put †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ woman first
    (8) chris brown ft jb – next to U̶̲̥̅̊
    (9) backstreet boys – climbing †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ wall.


  2. 1. Ja Rule/Fat Joe/Jadakiss – New York
    2. P.Diddy/Nelly/Murphy Lee – Shake Ya Tailfeather
    3. Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned
    4. P.Diddy/Usher/Loon – I Need A Girl (Part1)
    5. Avant/Nicole Scherzinger – Lie About Us
    6. Mario Winans/P.Diddy – I Don’t Wanna Know
    7. Ruben Studdard – Sorry 2004
    8. Jaheim – Put That Woman First
    9. Chris Brown/Justin Beiber – Next To You
    10. Backstreet Boys – Climbing The Walls

    Congratulations Nonny, you are this week’s winner!


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