If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time


My church, All Saints Church G.R.A Enugu, celebrated the harvest of children this past sunday.

As I watched the kids’ performance in awe, I fell into a trance, more of reverie per se. I couldn’t help but remember when I was like them; how I sang sweet melodies like Panam Percy Paul’s Bring Down Your Glory with my Macy Gray-like voice and how I dazzled the church congregation with a flawless recitation of the Gospel according to John Chapter 1, I flowed like a BOSS (Huhh).

Oh Yes! I was that incorrigible cool kid your parents wanted you to be like. 

Those were memorable and happy moments I will cherish till the day I go six feet under the ground.

Childhood is the most exciting stage of our lives. I’m pretty sure most of you would love to rewind the hands of time to when he/she was as innocent as a bird, when things were less complicated, no job stress, no relationship headache and no bill to pay.

However, not everybody shares this lovely tale. Some had a dark experience and would love to leave that part of their life history in the past. Some were raped, molested and abused as kids. Others weren’t lucky and lost a parent or two to the cold hands of death early in life.

If you had the power to turn back the hands of time, what would you change/correct in your life?

5 Replies to “If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time”

  1. let me go first, if i could turn the hands of time, i would have gone to play professional football at 16. i would have been an economist cum footballer at least i beta pass Pius ikedia and Theo Walcott. lol


  2. Ok…childhood was the bomb n I can remember a bit of yours..yea I give it to you u were a wizkid!…was supposed to do the John tingy with you but I never got pass verse three!…lol we were celebs!…remember the exercise book with us (the entire choir)???…..but seriously… u?…sing with a Marcy gray voice?…lol I don’t quite think so!….n the I speak with immerse authority when I say the south pole is closer to the north pole than u were being innocent….#tongue out#….beautiful writing by the way!


    1. Loool. Thanks.
      Yeah! I do remember the exercise book, I think you were carrying my younger brother. Macy Gray’s voice is horrific dear and you know what they say about birds of the same plumage right?


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