Did You Know?


Chinua Achebe was given bursary to study Medicine and Surgery at University of Ibadan but switched to English, Literature and Theology after a year.  

University of Ibadan also produced Nobel award winner Wole Soyinka, poet Christopher Okigbo, novelist Elechi Amadi and Novelist cum poet John JP Pepper Clark. If you read that yellow bible West African Verse back in the day, you would be conversant with these names.

Cyprian Ekwensi studied Pharmacy at Yaba Technical Institute, Lagos School of Pharmacy, and the Chelsea School of Pharmacy of the University of London.

The London 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony cost 27 million pounds; that of Beijing 2008 cost 64 million pounds.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin brought a large dog with him to a round of negotiations with Germany’s Angela Merkel – knowing she had a pathological fear of dogs – in order to gain a psychological edge.

You can get a heart attack from an intense orgasm.

Al Gore is the only person to have won the Grammy, Emmy, Oscar and Nobel awards.

There’s a scientific paper that proposed to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder.

The actress who plays Talisa from “Game of Thrones” is Charlie Chaplin’s grand daughter.

Arsene Wenger pockets a whooping 7million pounds every year in wages.

J.R.R Tolkien typed the entire Lord of The Rings while using only two fingers

The gravestone J.R.R Tolkien and the wife is inscribed with “Luthien” and “Beren”. Two tragic legendary characters in LOTR who were madly in love.

The Norse god “THOR” had to dress like a woman to get his hammer back.

Eating out of boredom is a habit we develop as a toddler and re-inforce throughout our life.

Hugging and holding hands with your lover warms the heart and greatly reduces the harmful effects of stress.

Having no friends has the same effect on life expectancy as smoking 15 cigarettes everyday.

Stupidity is contagious; a study finds.

Psychologists find that exposure to awesome things is good for you.

Tug of war was once an official Olympic sport.

Over a million Europeans were taken as slaves by North Africans between 1530 and 1780.

Murphy law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”

Internet was first called “The Galactic Network” when it was created.

Wikipedia has banned all users and IP address affiliated with Church of Scientology.

A boy spent 60,000 pounds on surgery to look like Britney Spears.

Vincent Kompany turned down move to big clubs like Manchester United in his teenage years in order to complete his University education in Belgium. He recently signed up for a masters’ degree in Business Administration at Manchester Business School and will commence lectures this September.

Beyonce was home schooled, she never left her house for school; she is reportedly allergic to perfumes.

Mikel Arteta played in the same Paris Saint Germain team with Jay Jay Okocha and Ronaldinho.                                                                                                                            

Football was actually invented in China – first reports of the game can be found in writings dating from around 476BC, when it was cuju and involved players kicking a leather ball through a hole in a piece.

There is a book called “The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Nigger Bastard”

British-born, ex-Nigerian international, Efan Ekoku is the first player to score more than 3goals in an EPL match; he scored four in the 5-1 drubbing of Everton at Goodison Park in 1992.


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