Did You Know?

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc was ousted from his job after falling out with the board of directors in 1985 by the then C.E.O of Apple Inc. He left and founded another company NeXT in 1985. On December 16 1996, Apple Computers acquired NeXT. He returned to Apple as a consultant in 1997 and was made C.E.O in 2000, the post he held until he lost the battle to pancreatic cancer.

The document of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria by the British led by Sir Lord Lugard in 1914 will be legally null and void in 2014 and Nigeria could disintegrate into different countries.

There are more football clubs in the capital city of London than any other Capital in the world. The city boasts of clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Queens Park Rangers, Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur, Charlton Athletic, West Ham United…to mention but a few.

Necrophilia is termed the act of having sex with dead people.

You can’t tickle yourself. The cerebellum warns the rest of the brain that you are about to tickle yourself and ignores the sensation.

In Mexico, the ruling party candidate is trying to use sex to canvass for votes in a bid to rescue her fading chances in Mexico’s upcoming presidential election.

Didier Drogba is the fourth highest goalscorer in Chelsea’s history and has a cousin Olivier Tebily, who played in the English Premier League with Birmingham City between 2002 and 2006.

Didier Drogba is an accountant who opted to play football professionally (he signed his professional contract for Le Mans at 21), he also helped stop the civil war that threatened his people back in Ivory Coast recently. This feat made Time Magazine to name him in the list of TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD along with Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Jeremy Lin, Rihanna, Barack Obama, Chelsea Handler, and the rest.

Javier Hernandez was studying for a degree in Business Administration before he joined Manchester United.

Andrei Arshavin was a great Chess player at an early age of 7 and would have gone on to be a Chess Grand Master.

David Beckham, Theo Walcott and Mark Schwarzer have all put their names to children’s literature in the past.

The Romans invaded England in 43 AD, establishing Londinium, which became London, but had Colchester as the capital of England. London became the capital in 100 AD.

August has the highest percentage of births.

Ralph Lauren’s original name is Ralph Lifshitz.

Dreamt is the only word that ends with ‘mt.

The first letters of the months July through to December spell JASON.

Money is number one thing couples argue about.

When travelling by plane, if you leave Tokyo at 7am, you will arrive at Honolulu at 7:45pm of the previous date.

Bob Marley had three children born to three different women in one month.

The act of yawning and stretching simultaneously is called ‘PANDICULATION’

The best selling DVD of all time is Finding Nemo.

Emma Stone’s (Hollywood actress) low pitched husky voice is as a result of having baby colic, a condition of constant screaming as an infant.

A Russian woman has the strongest vagina in the world. She can lift almost 31 pounds of weight with it.

The creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, is autistic.

A guy filled a law suit against Satan. He said Satan threatens him and was responsible for his misery.

Over 90% of people use music as a tool to escape problems in their lives.

It is impossible to sneeze in your sleep.

Jackie Chan has a son that looks just like him.

You need to be shorter than 6’3” to get a job as an astronaut.

Women who take birth control pills blink 32% more than women who don’t. The cause is unknown.

Jason Isaacs who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Porter films was caught trying to steal his wand from the set.

Albert Einstein refused surgery to save his life.

The first couple to be shown on TV was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Luis Nani and Henrik Larson are of African (Cape Verde) descent but they represent Portugal and Sweden respectively.

The tango originated as a dance between two men.

Women are just as obsessed with women’s breasts as men are.

69% of people can find something sexual in every sentence.

Ross Barkley, the rookie who plays for Everton FC in England and Sidney Sam, who plays for Bayer Leverkusen in Germany are eligible to represent Nigeria. 

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